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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Jihadi Josh

I am sorry but I no longer let these sexist religious bigots on the left get away with de-humanizing conservatives. They should not be allowed to go unchallenged in their relentless attempts to use Stalinist and Nazi tactics of marginalizing us and denying our right to exist.

Of course, I defend their right to write such nonsense. I merely call them out from now on.


  1. Hit 'em again, Harder, Harder!

  2. So, here's a hypothetical. Let's say a woman in a skimpy dress is raped. Is it now OK to say she was asking for it, maybe because she was a clown? I just need a bit of clarification here from the Left. What are the ground rules these days? Oh wait, maybe the Left thinks it's OK to blame a rape victim if she's a CONSERVATIVE, like Geller or Palin. Yeah, I got it now, them's the rules of the game: if the target is a conservative, the Left says murder and rape are A-OK. Gotcha.

  3. So the next time some shiny Ivy League artist with Fed grant money places a crucifix or Virgin Mary in a vat of pee and Christians show up shooting its will be the the artists fault? Don't provoke the crusaders! Jihad, heck lets bring back the Knights Templar. They had cooler armor and horses anyhow.