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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

It's the global cooling, stupid

Crank up the coal-fired electric plants. Bury the wind turbines. The evidence is that the planet is headed for a cooling period, just as physicist Leona Woods, the mother of climatology, predicted nearly 40 years ago.

While Congress investigates the NOAA and other government agencies to see if they did collude to hide the decline in the Earth's surface temperatures, anecdotal evidence keeps surfacing of a slight decline in temperatures.

From CBS: "For Second Year In A Row Mother’s Day Could Bring Denver Snow."

This comes despite a steep increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide over the past few decades. If the theory of global warming were true, the ice caps would be melted away by now, as they predicted 20 years ago.

Instead the ice caps are growing,

This pattern is similar to 40 years ago when the Earth seemed to be in a cooling.

Climate is weather and weather is cyclical. That's science.

Nasty, shrill socialistic sneering at skeptics by know-nothing liberals is superstition.