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Friday, May 08, 2015

IRS doesn't fire its tax cheats -- it promotes them

The IRS did not fire those federal employees who did not pay all their taxes. The IRS gave them promotions.

From the Wall Street Journal:
IRS reform legislation adopted in 1998 said that the agency must fire any employee who violates tax laws, unless the agency decides to soften the punishment.
The new report found that over a 10-year period starting in 2003, 1,580 IRS employees were found to be willfully noncompliant with tax laws. Of that total, 620 or 39% were terminated, resigned or retired. The remaining 61% got lesser penalties such as suspensions, reprimands or counseling.
Specific violations included overstatement of expenses, claiming of a first-time homebuyer tax credit without buying a home, and failure to timely file tax returns. Some employees had “significant and sometimes repeated tax noncompliance issues, and a history of other conduct issues,” according to the report.
Under President Obama, federal taxes no longer are collected to run the federal government. The politicians run it on borrowed money, and taxes collected to punish his political foes, such a the Tea Party.


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  2. All I can say is IRS Delenda Est!