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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Huckabee to Reagan: Screw your 11th commandment

For six long years, Republicans have been shut out of the presidency. Mike Huckabee apparently wants to give Democrats another four-year lease on the White House.

Instead of attacking Democrats or saying what he will do if elected, Mike Huckabee launched his presidential bid on Tuesday by attacking Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Jeb Bush. I think he called the first two whippersnappers.

Huckabee said:
If someone is elected to an office, then give the taxpayers what they're paying for and what you said you wanted. If you live off the government payroll and want to run for an office other than the one you're elected to, then have the integrity and decency to resign the one you don't want and pursue the one you decided you'd rather have.
Yes, because only people who have been raking in millions from a Fox News show or who kwhore themselves and their husbands out to rich foreign despots should run.

And he knocked Ted Cruz for signing up for Obamacare -- government-run health insurance -- instead of doing like everyone else in Congress and using the more lucrative Congresscare -- which also is government-run health insurance.

Huckabee surprised everyone including himself in 2008 by being the second-to-last man standing in a weak Why he almost had to postpone giving a six-figure speech in the Cayman Islands because of teh South Carolina primary that year.

Reagan said Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill Of Thy Fellow Republican, which he called the 11th Commandment. But hey, if Huck thinks he is smarter than Reagan, maybe he should run as a Democrat.


  1. He needs to stick to his bass guitar, and get on the bandwagon of a viable candidate... Otherwise, we'll be left with another moderate more concerned about losing a vote than getting this nation back on course with a Constitutional tiller. An organized team with a clear message will overcome the liberal play book. Picking off your own guys only provides fodder, and ammo to pundits spinning defeat from winning policies. Reagan proved "the People" want someone that will speak up forcefully on the issues. The millions of conservative voters that stayed home after Romney's failure to "take it to" obama not only put him back in office, but ended the dialogue on his feckless performance. Otherwise, it just looks as if the GOP wants SOP on big government even if it’s a liberal SOB at the helm.

  2. Don, you said that so well!

  3. Meh. Criticism from a failed candidate like Huck is the least of the GOP's worries now. The Vichy Republicans are running the party, and all they are interested in doing is surrendering on every hill they can find. McConnell and Boehner have raised so many white flags that Capitol Hill looks like an Arctic blizzard.