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Friday, May 08, 2015

Good news: Multi-billionaire Steyer backs Hillary

Remember Tom Steyer, the hedge fund manager who made billions investing in coal mines and the like only to become an "environmentalist"? He spent $57 million to try to buy seven Senate and gubernatorial elections last year, striking out five times.

Good news, America, Tom Steyer is backing Hillary.

Woo hoo! The 21st century's Harold Stassen has the backing of a fat cat billionaire who is almost as big a hypocrite as she is.

From NewsMax:
Environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer, a vocal opponent of the Keystone XL pipeline – and any Democrats who support it – hosted a $2,700-per-person fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at his San Francisco home, riling some green activists, Politico reports. 
Though Clinton has avoided public comment while the Obama administration weighs the fate of the pipeline, as secretary of state, she presided over studies that said the pipeline would pose few environmental risks – and even said in 2010 the administration was "inclined" to support it.
"I am not surprised that he would want to get on-board the Clinton train, but I'm disappointed he did so apparently without obtaining any commitments from her on issues like Keystone," San Francisco lawyer Guy Saperstein, past president of the Sierra Club Foundation and Clinton critic, tells Politico. "If I'm wrong about that, Tom can correct me."
Politico reports, citing unnamed Steyer aides, that Clinton has won his support with her stance on climate change; the aides say Steyer's opposition to the pipeline stems from his fear it'd worsen carbon pollution.
Climate change? Oh that is just socialist code for government expansion, No one in power or seeking power believes that climate change crap, certainly not Mister Steyer.

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  1. It's funny that the left keeps bring up the "billionaire Koch Brothers" when Dimocrats have many more billionaires supporting them from George Soros to Tom Steyer to Warren Buffet, not to mention Hollywood and Goldman Sachs.