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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Geller takes on the jihadis and their useful idiots on the left

In response for liberals blaming her for the attack by two Muslims on her event in Garland, Texas, liberals ganged up on Pamela Geller for "provoking" the Muslims into trying to assassinate her. This is crazy talk from a crowd that thinks burning a flag is free speech but calling a career criminal a"thug" is racist and should be banned.

Pamela Geller said this is war.

She is correct. A foreign power with agents in this country wants to fundamentally change this nation. Sadly, liberals are OK with this.

So into this fray we have liberals lecturing us at length that we have to give Muslims everywhere "space," as they say in Baltimore. The people who brought us "Piss Christ" and who said it was wrong for Officer Darren Wilson to shoot and kill Michael Brown after Brown tried to kill him, are now saying she deserved to die because she dared mock Mohammad. They had to lock down the auditorium where he held her draw Mohammad contest because of the attempted attack.

Let us get this straight: She had the right to draw Mohammad. No ifs, buts, or maybes. Those who use such weasel words are cowards who should not look my way to defend their rights when they are attacked. I will of course, but I will remind them of this cowardice.

She is a tough cookie who has taken on the jihadists and their useful idiots on the left.

Writing in Time magazine, she said:
But we are unbowed. Even when the venue was in lockdown and hundreds of attendees were ushered down into the auditorium, the crowd was singing the Star Spangled Banner and G-d Bless America. In the face of fear, they were staunchly and uniquely American.
To learn who rules over you, simply find out whom you cannot criticize. If the international media had run the Danish cartoons back in 2005, none of this could have happened. The jihadis wouldn’t have been able to kill everyone. But by self-censoring, the media gave the jihadis the power they have today.
We must take back our freedom.
Yes, 2005 was the world press's Munich.

It is not the Muslims who pose the threat. Our military and local police can handle that. No, liberal are relentlessly trying to shut us up and shut us down.


  1. I think the Left, the Muslims, Code Pink, Communist Party of the USA, the Democratic Socialists, the New Black Panthers, etc., are all working together to shut us up and then to shut the USA down -- with each group thinking they will be the group that rules ...the group that has eliminated all competing groups.

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  3. The AP should be VERY careful about what it sends out. There is a 100% chance that someday they will distribute something that offends someone like the two very dead terrorists in TX, who decide to make an example of the AP. And I won't be the least bit sympathetic. As other cowards have written about Geller, I'll just think, The AP had it coming!

  4. There's a bas relief type of carving of Mohammed the US Supreme Court Building.