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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Entire city of Baltimore is a space to destroy

Democratic Mayor Stephanie Rawlings of Baltimore ordered police on April 28 to sand back and let the rioters riot -- or as she put it "we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well."

The Baltimore Sun now reports the entire city is space to destroy as police officers, fearing reprisals from a relentlessly anti-cop prosecutor, and a highly politicized investigation by the Obama administration, are no longer fighting crime. Why risk one's pension?

From the Baltimore Sun:
The increase in violence that has followed the death of Freddie Gray continued through the weekend, with four homicides reported since Saturday, according to Baltimore police.
Ten people were reported shot on Sunday alone, including three who were shot to death within a span of 39 minutes. The violence comes as the city prepares for the Preakness on Saturday at Pimlico Race Course.
Ten people were also shot Thursday.
At least 87 people have been killed in Baltimore this year, 22 more than at this time last year. Nonfatal shootings are up nearly 50 percent across the city.
Here is why, the newspaper reported:
"In 29 years, I've gone through some bad times, but I've never seen it this bad," said Lt. Kenneth Butler, president of the Vanguard Justice Society, a group for black Baltimore police officers. Officers "feel as though the state's attorney will hang them out to dry."
Several officers said in interviews they are concerned crime could spike as officers are hesitant to do their jobs, and criminals sense opportunity. Butler, a shift commander in the Southern District, said his officers are expressing reluctance to go after crime.
"I'm hearing it from guys who were go-getters, who would go out here and get the guns and the bad guys and drugs. They're hands-off now," Butler said. "I've never seen so many dejected faces.
"Policing, as we once knew it, has changed."
Lt. Victor Gearhart, a 33-year veteran who works in the Southern District, said residents with complaints about police "are going to get the police force they want, and God help them."
Edward C. Jackson, a retired Baltimore police colonel who teaches at Baltimore City Community College, said he is worried about crime spiking if officers go into a "work slowdown" to avoid proactive police work.
"Baltimore can ill afford having cops do the bare minimum," he said. "The bad guys are going to take advantage of a slowdown. It's a terrible situation for the city to be in."
Baltimore already had the fifth worst homicide rate in America -- a rate that is seven times the national average.

Black Lives Don't Matter in Baltimore, as most victims of this ever-rising crime wave are black.


  1. And so it begins, when the insane run the asylum.

  2. (Un?)intended consequences.

  3. Just the latest example of short-term political expediency winning over common sense and thinking ahead. The sad part is that Baltimore has advantages others can only dream of. It's a major port, with a prestigious university, beautiful waterfront, tourist attractions, and two major league teams (complete with palatial stadiums courtesy of Maryland taxpayers). To top it all off, it's 45 minutes from DC, making it - like the rest of Md. - effectively a suburb of the imperial capital.

    On a positive note, it's a great lesson on the effect of 50 years of enlightened liberal Democrat leadership.

  4. When blacks kill blacks, those lives don't matter.
    If it don't play, it don't pay.
    Sorry niggaz, you play, or you get played. From The Wire, a documentary about Balimore!