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Monday, May 11, 2015

Elizabeth Warren is rayyyyyyyyyyyyycist!

Democratic Party organ Politico has dubbed Elizabeth Warren's opposition to President Obama's secretive trade agreement as THE WAR OF WRONG.

How dare this uppity Native American woman criticize America's first black president. She must be racist. Excuse me, rayyyyyyyyyyyyycist!

Let's go to her actual words.

From the Washington Post:
THE PLUM LINE: What’s your response to the latest from President Obama?
SENATOR WARREN: The president said in his Nike speech that he’s confident that when people read the agreement for themselves, that they’ll see it’s a great deal. But the president won’t actually let people read the agreement for themselves. It’s classified.
PLUM LINE: But don’t you get 60 days to review it after the deal is finalized, with the authority to revoke fast track?
WARREN: The president has committed only to letting the public see this deal after Congress votes to authorize fast track. At that point it will be impossible for us to amend the agreement or to block any part of it without tanking the whole TPP. The TPP is basically done. If the president is so confident it’s a good deal, he should declassify the text and let people see it before asking Congress to tie its hands on fixing it.
PLUM LINE: Doesn’t the current framework allow for the revocation of fast track authority?
WARREN: The whole point about fast track is to grease the skids so that 51 votes will get it through…it takes a majority to get rid of [fast track].
Her criticism have no basis in fact. She's just trying to stoke white America's historic fears of people of color. Note she uses code word: Nike speech, confident, read for themselves. She doesn't even say his name. It's like he's nameless and has no humanity and is invisible. Just another black man. "The president" is the new N-word.

Yep, those criticism definitely are racist.

Excuse me, rayyyyyyyyyyyyycist!


  1. I always thought it was "raaaaacist". I do like your wise use of yyyyyyyyyyyys.

  2. If McConnell had a hair, he would not allow a vote of fast track until the document was released and people had time to read it. We do not need another "pig in a poke" like we got with ObamaCare.