Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dream team: Walker and Carly

Via Alex Swoyer at Breitbart, Scott Walker did the Howie Carr show in Boston, which is a must to win New Hampshire. Carr tweeted this:

Hmm. We may be on to something here.

A Walker-Fiorina ticket would give Republicans a firebrand governor and a firebrand speaker. As governor of Wisconsin, Walker has brought out the worst in liberals and made them pay. He took on the Wisconsin Education Association and that teachers union is now a shell of its former self.

Carly is Hillary's worst nightmare, as Fiorina rose from secretary to CEO, while Hillary as first lady was a female cuckold -- a role she still plays when she is not accepting foreign bribes.

Last week in South Carolina, Carly said: “How can we trust Mrs. Clinton? We now know that her family foundation has had to refile five years’ worth of returns because it failed to disclose donations from foreign governments. We know that she only had one email in her server, that she put a server in her basement, that it was convenient not to rely on federal government emails. We know that Benghazi was a terrorist attack despite the fact that she told us it was a protest gone bad.”

Her willingness to take on Mrs. Clinton has liberals showing their sexist side as the Nation's Leslie Savan already is call it a cat fight. Once again the feminist message is clear: Women do not have the choice to be a conservative. Let the Palin-level belittling begin.

Except I think Carly is made of sterner stuff. Scott Walker, too.


  1. Excellent! And Ben Carson in charge of HHS with Rick Perry helming the ATF. YES!

  2. Cruz, Walker, Fiorina, Rubio to an extent. There are some real conservatives in the mix for a change. Good.

  3. Leslie Savan writes in The Nation, not the National Journal.

  4. Sounds like a good one-two-punch ticket.

  5. I'm digging just about everything that Carly has been saying, and she's been out getting her work done!

  6. Like others here, I get more impressed with Fiorina every time I see her being interviewed on TV, and not just because she is the anti-Hillary. Today I watched her being interviewed by Chris Wallace. He didn't throw just a bunch of softball questions at her. I thought she did a truly bang-up job in responding. Unlike President Stutters-and-Lies-a-Lot, she answered his questions with great clarity and thoughtfulness. I can see how she could have risen to become CEO of HP. She's a very impressive lady. As for a Walker-Fiorina ticket, I like the idea. I've supported Walker since the days of his struggles against the Left-wing mobs in Madison WI, having followed his rise to prominence via Prof. Althouse's blog. I'm sold on both these folks. I think they would be winners.

  7. Absolutely. Not so much a dream team as a reality-based ticket that can lead the charge for our citizenry to begin to turn things around as we get closer and closer to the abyss.

  8. "... was a female cuckold ..."
    I would suggest that, as a participant and probable facilitator, 'cuckold' is not correct.