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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chris Mooney, the boy who cried the glaciers are melting

Nearly a decade ago, the United Nations through its IPCC subsidiary was trying to panic the world into thinking the Himalayan Mountains would be ice free by 2035. The world rewarded this outlandish lie with the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2007.

Three years later, teh IPCC sheepishly admitted it lied.

Now Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post are trying to revive the lie.
Chris Mooney, a science-challenged reporter, wrote, “The iconic Mount Everest could see a major loss of its glaciers over the course of this century, according to a new scientific study that its chief author calls the the first detailed modeling study of all glaciers in the Dudh Koshi basin in the Everest region of Nepal.”

Oh what a load of crap.

He went on to report predictions of 70% to 99% loss of glacial ice. While I would cheer such a development -- ice impedes life on this planet -- he is a jackass who learned nothing from Climategate (which he called "Glaciergate," which is what the IPCC called it and not the people who caught the IPCC lying).

Not until Paragraph Twelve does this flunky for the UN bother to mention the 2007 scandal.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Look, global warming would be terrific, bringing biodiversity and more life, not less. But sadly, we seem to be headed for a mini-ice age. I won't live long to see it but real scientists and undoctored data point in that direction


  1. What a maroon he is! (h/t, Bugs Bunny)

  2. I ran into a kid on the street in Chicago promoting the global warming agenda. He had his t shirt and a clipboard, obviously working with a group to get signatures for something. I engaged him in pleasant conversation about the differences between reality and the "it was the hottest year on record" malarkey he was spouting to which he responded, "It was nice talking to you" and walked away. Of course, it was May and we were all wearing heavy coats but hey. The narrative.