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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Brits vote out anti-Semites

British politics amuse me. David Cameron is no Tony Blair, but I was glad to see Cam re-elected without the need for a coalition. Three rival party leaders resigned in the wake of their pummeling, including Nigel Farage, whom I like but the time has come to replace him.

Other big news was the voting out of opponents of Israel.

From Arutz Sheeva:
As David Cameron's Conservative party seals its victory in Thursday's UK general elections, two radically anti-Israeli MPs infamous for a long past of comments edging on anti-Semitism have lost their posts.
In Bradford West, MP George Galloway failed in his re-election bid, with Labor's Naseem Shah thrashing him soundly in the polls. Shah won 19,977 votes, whereas Galloway's Respect party fielded a mere 8,557, and George Grant of the Conservative party came third with 6,160.
After winning, Shah said Galloway's election campaign had "demeaned democracy," and she told him "you have been sent on your way."
Adding insult to injury, Galloway was also reported to police for retweeting his own party's exit polls before the voting ended. A screen capture proved he had made the tweet, even after he deleted it. The action is illegal according to section 66 of the Representation of the People's Act; police are currently reviewing the matter.
Galloway is one of the most despicable members of Parliament and his departure not only improves the IQ of that body but eliminates some of the stink.

And there was this:
Another anti-Israeli MP lost his post as well, with David Ward of the Liberal Democrat party falling in Bradford East.
Imran Hussain of Labor ousted him with 19,312 votes, as opposed to Ward's 12,228, and Iftikhar Ahmed of the Conservative party trailed with 4,682.
Interesting that Muslims who are not anti-Semites are beating the Jew-bashing leftists. Hear, hear, as tehy say over there.