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Monday, May 04, 2015

Bibi snubs Kerry

Paybacks are a female dog. After President Obama openly worked against the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu -- sending his campaign team to work with Bibi's opposition -- Obama had the nerve of wanting to send Secretary of State John "DO YOU KNOW  WHOM I AM?" Kerry to congratulatory photo-op with the man Kerry and Obama hate most in the Middle East.

Bibi told them to pound salt.

From the Jerusalem Post:
Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected US Secretary of State John Kerry's proposal to visit Israel following his election win in March and told him instead to come only after the new government was formed. 
According to a report on Israel's Channel 2, immediately after Israel's general election on March 17, Kerry proposed that he would visit the Jewish state in order to advance various regional issues.  
The Prime Minister's Office did not confirm the report on Sunday evening.  
Not very diplomatic on Bibi's side --but Obama has been openly hostile to Bibi throughout Obama's presidency, a reflection of Obama's 15 years of attending a church led by the anti-Semitic black nationalist Jeremiah Wright.


  1. How clueless is the O administration? To think they can treat the PM of Israel the way they have, but they'll send one of O's lackeys there to confer? Morons!

  2. T says:

    "Not very diplomatic on Bibi's side." Actually, given Bibi's treatment by our shameful and shameless administration, I think a civil refusal was very diplomatic indeed!

  3. T says:

    "Secretary of State John "DO YOU KNOW WHOM I AM?" Kerry"

    I lived fro 12 years in Montana. A certain celebrity frequented town and had to have his SUV fixed. When told to come back at 5:00 to pick it up, the celeb asked: "Do you know who I am?" The service manager responded: "Yeah, you're fourth in line." So endeth the lesson.

    Who knew Bibi was a Montanan?

  4. Bibi should have been less diplomatic.

  5. Bibi should have invited Kerry to meet at Beit Aghion but made him enter a side or back door, and then made Kerry cool his heels by himself for a couple of hours while Bibi ate dinner with his family. Tit for tat.

    1. Bibi has mush more class than that.

  6. And then Mr Kerry believes that Israel will give him advance notice of any move against Iran:


    1. So that US fighter planes can get in position to shoot down Israeli attack planes, as Obama is alleged to have threatened Bibi in the past? Not that I believe any US airman would robotically follow such an order to shoot down the planes of a staunch ally. To do so would be criminal.