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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

$23,000 tuition for a racist prof

Boston University hired Saida Grundy as an incoming assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies. To no one's surprise, she is racist and sexist.

Unfortunately for her, she is also foolish enough to tweet her true hatred of white people and males. This has put the administration of Boston University in a tizzy. Her most infamous tweet read, “Why is white America so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population?”

Yes, who does not wish to be a white male in her class?

Other examples of her tweets include:

There is more of this nutballery at, which attempt to argue that she made factual errors. Why bother? She is a racist and a sexist. You don't argue with the foaming mouth crowd.

Boston University said this when they hired her:
Saida Grundy is a feminist sociologist of race & ethnicity and incoming Assistant Professor of Sociology and African-American Studies at Boston University. Her research to date has focused upon formations and ideologies of gender within the Black middle class–specifically men. Using ethnographic approaches and in-depth interviews, her current work examines graduates of Morehouse College, the nation’s only historically Black college for men. Quite simply, this work asks how, in light of an ongoing national reality and discourse about young Black men in crisis, the men of Morehouse experience gender and manhood at an institution that attempts to groom them as solutions to this crisis. Her current book manuscript on race, masculinity, and institutionalization is in progress and expands upon this work. 
Saida’s interests span Race, Class and Gender; Sexuality; Qualitative Methodology; Feminist Theory; Stratification and Inequality; and Urban Ethnography. Her most recent publication, “An Air of Expectancy: Class, Crisis, and the Making of Manhood at an Historically Black College for Men” appeared in The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. In 2014 she was named a Junior Fellow of the Urban Ethnography Project at Yale University. Her research has been supported by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, and the Andrew Mellon Foundation.
Now the university is saying this about her tweets:
“The University does not condone racism or bigotry in any form and we are deeply saddened when anyone makes such offensive statements."
Which begs the question, why would you hire someone to make offensive statements?

And why would anyone pay you $23,000 a year in tuition after hiring her?

And why would you keep her in a classroom?

She is a sitting racial discrimination and sexual discrimination lawsuit.


  1. A "Studies" prof: Pretty much guaranteed to be an "activist" and a mouth shooter-offer.

  2. Well certainly she came upon these conclusion on her own..........

  3. This is what affirmative action creates. Without that she would be home collecting welfare because no one would would want her in the work place.

    Her racism trumps history.

  4. 23000? That's only a little over $440 a week. A touch over minimum wage. Over paid, but still, not much to live on.

    1. The $23,000 is what it costs to go to BU, not what they are paying her.

    2. I make less than that, Jeremy, but I'm not a blithering racist idiot. So maybe I need to work harder at that. LOL :D

  5. Who sold those African slaves? Muslims. Who captured them? Africans.
    Yeah, whitey gets the blame.