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Sunday, May 03, 2015

2016 campaign slogans

Hillary: You can trust me this time because I have stolen enough.

Huckabee: Time for another governor from Arkansas.

O'Malley: I'll do for the USA what I did for Baltimore.

Bernie: At least I am honest about being a socialist.

Rand Paul: Not as crazy as his father.

Warren: Take America back, to 1932.

Biden: Come on, guys, it's my turn now.

Jeb: What Biden said.

James Webb: At 69, I am the median age of Democratic candidates.

Kucinich: I don't look so crazy now compared to these guys.


  1. Except for Rand you could say democrat slogans.

  2. Still working on Mr. Scott and the Latino Senators, I guess.

  3. Walker: I'll turn blue to purple and purple to red.

  4. In their own minds, rich people never have enough money, because there is always someone who's richer. Except for Bill Gates, of course, for whom there is no one richer. The Clintons are political kleptomaniacs. They have the disease and there is no known cure.

  5. Iapetus: Correct! The Clintons are a Continuing Criminal Enterprise. >:(