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Monday, April 20, 2015

Why Roger Ailes succeeded


  1. That's not his only key to success, but I understand why this one speaks to you. When the people that should have your back are the ones grinding a shiv and looking for an opportunity, it's got to leave a mark.

  2. Also... It has crossed my mind before that you would be a great hire for FNC. Have you ever tried to interview with them?


    1. No, but I am flattered. I am 61, love living in West Virginia, and have a face for radio and a voice for screeching owls. Besides, I love what I am doing here. Chris Stirewalt is an former Charleston Daily Mail columnist, so the possibility is there.

  3. Sentiment like Ailes' is why I work for myself: I never worked for an employer who felt as he (except for ME!).