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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend scoreboard 4-11/12-2015

1. Hillary Clinton still thinks she will be president. Bless her heart.

File photo, 2008.


2. San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies apparently beat the crap out of a horse thief after a 3-hour chase  the backwoods.

We know what that means: Burn down a convenience store.


3. People are stealing water in California.

Horse theft. Water rights squabbles. It's like Jerry Brown has taken the state back to the 19th century. All they need now is spittoons and dancing girls.


4. Raul Castro absolves Barack Obama of imperialist aggression.

Even Cuban dictators can see President Obama does not like the United States.


5. Marco Rubio to friending Cuba: Pffbt.


6. European Parliament President Martin Schulz implored citizens to fight the "demons" of racism and anti-Semitism that still haunt Europe in a speech to mark the liberation of Germany's Buchenwald concentration camp 70 years ago.

Can they start with ending the anti-Semitism of Muslim immigrants?


7. Top Down Day.


From the blog:

8. Kenya wants to evict the UN. We feel your pain. GOOD.

9. Lesbians vs. Muslims. Eventually the victims groups turn on one another and we straight, white males watch and eat popcorn. GOOD.

10. Indians have reservations on gay marriage. Pass the popcorn. GOOD.

11. Oakland raises unemployment. Minimum wage goes up, jobs go down. EVIL.

12. We have to tell DOJ employees to obey the law? EVIL.

Note: Next scoreboard will be Wednesday due to a roadtrip.

Final score: GOOD 7, EVIL 5.

Saturday's Exceptional American: André de Toth and the "House of Wax."

Today's Exceptional American: Felix de Weldon, sculptor of the Iwo Jima flag raising.