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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Scoreboard for 4-23-2015

1. Democrat Gary Hart endorsed Democrat Martin O'Malley for president.

I suspect monkey business.


2. Dr. Phil Jokes About Bruce Jenner's Transition: "You're Almost 80. What's the Point?"

Hey, he's trying to be a role model for his daughters -- and his sons who want to be his daughters.


3. Carly Fiorina drawing crowds in Iowa.

Sorry Hillary. People want a woman president -- not a bit.


4. Comcast Corp. is planning to walk away from its proposed $45 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable Inc., people with knowledge of the matter said, after regulators planned to oppose the deal.

Look for Google to buy it.


5. Snow in 23 states.

Only went up to 60 in Poca. Boo hoo hoo.


6. President Obama gave the New England Patriots a hard time about the “Deflategate” scandal on Thursday.

Less ESPN and Jon Stewart, more reading books, Mister President.


7. Tesla isn't an autmaker. It’s a battery company.

Nope, it is a welfare queen.


8. Senators voted 56-43 to confirm Lynch, more than 160 days after she was first nominated for the position by President Obama.

Four more votes than Clarence Thomas got.


9. Chelsea Clinton defends family’s foundation.

Hi, I'm Saudi Arabia, and I approve this message..


From the blog:

10. President? Prison for both Clintons. GOOD.

11. Did coal kill the Export-Import Bank? GOOD.

12. Every one of these people is wrong. GOOD.

Final score: GOOD 8, EVIL 4.

Today's Exceptional American is the best yet: Lee Miller, you've seen her photos of Dachau, but not the price she paid.


  1. #8 - confirming Lynch is rated "Good"? What's good about confirming a Holder clone to continue his reign of mis- and maladministration of DOJ?

  2. I'm with Jerry, here. What's good about this?