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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Scoreboard 4-9-2015


2. Rand Paul’s first day on the campaign trail was marred by a high-profile fight with NBC' “Today” show host Savannah Guthrie that raised questions about whether he is ready for prime time. Video of Paul telling Guthrie how she should do her job went viral on social media, placing his attitude toward female reporters in the spotlight.

When voters say they are looking for another Ron, they mean Reagan, not Paul.


3. Two former US secretaries of state -- Henry Kissinger and George Shultz -- penned an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday criticizing President Barack Obama for the framework agreement his administration reached with Iran last week.

The world is now too dangerous to vote Democratic. Truth to power, boys.


4. The State Department sent a recommendation to the White House that Cuba be removed from the State Sponsors of Terrorism List.

Our flag used to be red, white and blue. Now it is just white.


5. UN urged to ban 'killer robots' before they can be developed.

How did that ban on Germany re-arming itself after World War I work out?


6. £13 million NHS bill for suncream: Millions also wasted on prescriptions for toothpaste, Yakult and Calpol.

[Insert British dental joke here.]


7. Obama more popular in Cuba than in the USA.

Let's swap him for a right-handed pitcher.


8. Conservatives Find Political Red Meat in USDA Diet Guidelines.

You are the government. We the people tell You what to do.


9. Texas DMV rejected a vanity license plate that reads: 370H55V.

They say the joker who got it is a real


10. Top Down Day.


From the blog:

11. RFK Jr. ramps up his anti-vaccine lunacy. EVIL.

12. Obama, go to Appomattox. EVIL.

Today's Exceptional American: Ely Parker, the Indian who drafted the terms of Lee's surrender.

Final score: GOOD 7, EVIL 5.

All the previous Exceptional Americans. The first book collection will be out in May.


  1. I'm hoping Hillary!'s campaign doesn't have Life Alert.

  2. 7. Yes, we don't need a Lefty on the mound, especially one with an ERA (Efforts to Ruin America) in triple digits.

  3. 2--Who among us think Guthrie's ready for prime time?

    3--Dems would like to hold up a cross to protect themselves from those two, but they don't believe in crosses, and they're not as smart as those two, either.

  4. 5. Yes, because that was so effective against Iran's nukes.

  5. 4. "Our flag used to be red, white and blue. Now it is just white."

    kerry always wanted to be french. I guess this is as close as he can get.