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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Scoreboard 4-8-2015

1. Justice 32, Boston Marathon Bomber O.

Attention media: This is not homegrown terrorism. The perpetrators came here from Asia. The guilty parties are Muslims. Report the damned news.

2. A white police officer in North South Carolina faces the death penalty charged with the murder of a black man.

Activists cry: "No rest! No rest!"


3. Al Sharpton wants to federalize the police.


But hey, what do you expect for someone who worked for the FBI to spy on black people?


4. Rich, white people re-elect Rahm Emanuel mayor of Obamaland.

You get what you elect.


5. Iran sends warships to Yemen.

You know, the place where President Obama bragged his policy worked?

Oh those durned JVs.


6. From Twitter.



7. Dick Cheney: Obama wants to take America down.

You get what you elect.


8. Hillary campaign: Calling Hillary "Hillary" is sexist.

Um, yeah.


9. Psst, Saudi Arabia is running out of money.

Drill, baby, drill.


10. President Brainiac thinks global warming causes asthma.

Michele says it is an allergy to peanuts.


11. From Twitter.

He said baby. You don't have to like the guy to agree with him.


12. From Poynter Institute of Journalism: "Tips to make you a better storyteller."

Hands Up! UVa Fraternity Gang Rapes Jackie! No, Poynter, we  have enough of your storytelling. How about tips on basic reporting?


13. Thunderstorm season begins in Poca.

It is dark as I write this in the afternoon.


From the blog:

14. Anti-gun nut wants to enrich gun owners. Buybacks don't work. GOOD.

15. Chelsea called Secret Service pigs? The feeling is mutual. EVIL.

16. Kansas bans dismemberment abortions. GOOD.

Final score: EVIL 9, GOOD 7.

Today's Exceptional American: Signer of the Declaration of Independence Lewis Morris: "Damn the consequences. Give me the pen."

The book goes on sale in May.


  1. 2. That's North Charleston, South Carolina.

  2. 2--Looks like the evidence is against the cop.

    8--Feminists are idiotic.

  3. 6. Yeah, like Cuba suddenly discovered Democracy, with a big D, 10 years after the Castro Commies seized Cuba. How long has that dictatorship survived now? And the Obamamorons think the Iranian mullahs will see the light once our presidente gives them a free hand to build The Bomb they've always wanted in order to annihilate Israel? Someone in the Oval Office from the Choom Gang is still smoking weed.

    8. That picture with the slicked down hair jumps right out at you, straight from the pages of Orwell's "1984." Big Sister wants you to watch what you say. That's a pretty scary image. Heil Hillary!

    10. The science is settled....well maybe not...but it sure as hell ain't global warming. One theory is that asthma is caused by kids not getting sufficient exposure to normal environmental conditions when they are young, that is, they are brought up in an environment that is TOO CLEAN so they never acquire the environmental immunity that non-asthmatics have. This is called the "hygiene hypothesis." Indeed, Michelle Obama strikes me as the kind of overbearing, compulsive parent who is likely to have kept her daughters from being exposed to lots of "icky stuff" while they were growing up.

  4. 8. W. Bill. Ronnie. Bushitler. Jerry. tricky Dick.
    Yeah, don't call her by her first name, it's too presidential.
    Young and cool didn't work out, so let's go old and wrinkly. And spiteful. Blood on hands Lady MacBeth, bitter, haggard.
    Just not Hillary or Hill!

  5. 1. Correct! Not homegrown terrorism. Let's continue to have open borders and letting people from Muslim countries into this country.

  6. I see Hillary's continuing with Obama's dystopian campaign propaganda. Vlad Lenin couldn't do better.