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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Scoreboard 4-7-2015

1. Rand Paul launched his losing campaign for president as the Paul family tries to establish a dynasty of failed presidential candidates. GOOD.

2. A power plant explosion left the White House in the dark. Sort of like its Iranian policy. GOOD.

3. The state turns your water meter into a tattle-tale in California. It's all in the name of conservation. We get to time Jerry Brown's showers? EVIL.

4. President Obama's jabs at Scott Walker are not personal, the White House says. Of course not. They're not very effective either. GOOD.

5. The Obama administration is trying to unionize illegal aliens. If unions do for them what they have done for GM, Chrysler and dozens of other too-big-to-fail companies that failed, look for illegal aliens to disappear in 20 years. EVIL.

6. "Bill Clinton plans to be 'backstage adviser' to Hillary’s 2016 run." Who would have guessed. Nice scoop, The Hill, but I liked better yesterday's headline: "Paul blazes new path on pot." Lots of drivers do. GOOD.

7. Tweets:





Bonus: The quote totally misses Maya Angelou's message.






From the blog:

12. Democratic Party protects rapist from prison. EVIL.

13. John McCain goes Bob Byrd. EVIL.

Today's Exceptional Americans: Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, scientists who overcame pigeons -- and Hitler.

Final score: GOOD 7, EVIL 6.

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  1. Full Video: Rand Paul presidential announcement

  2. 8--Private enterprise has upped the drilling and extraction, saying "up yours" to Obama.

    9--Never heard of Anglund, but I do know why the caged bird sings: marijuana seeds. And it sings the Seeds & Stems Blues.

    10--I saw a black woman on the right!

    11--I. Don't. Care. Now, or ever.

  3. 11. From Bo Ryan, coach of the Wisconsin basketball team that lost to Duke in the men's final on Monday night: "All the seniors that I've had -- hard to say the word. But every player that's played through the program, okay, we don't do a rent-a-player. You know what I mean?"

    Well, neither does Duke go the "one-and-done" route. Tell that to Senator Stuck-on-Stupid. Obviously she still thinks of the falsely accused men of the Duke lacrosse team as rapists, even after the disgraceful truth of that particular hot-button matter became known. And as for the one-and-done issue, is she aware the vast majority of players who benefit from that are African-American? Is she willing to go ON RECORD as opposing the lowering of scholastic standards that allows these athletically gifted black players to get into college, even though the admissions committees know they will not finish their education and graduate with a degree? Hey, I'm all for putting an end to that charade, instead forcing the NBA to create its own farm system just like baseball, but I've never been a flaming liberal supporter of affirmative action of any kind.