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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Scoreboard 4-29-2015

1. The economy grew by a whopping 0.2% in January, February and March, according to figures that will be readjusted downward in May and June.


2. From Jim Hoft: "Ronald Reagan’s economic plan saw GDP surge at a 3.5% clip – 4.9% after the recession. That’s a 32% bump. During the Obama years, thanks to his big government policies, the US economy has stalled. Today the quarterly GDP was announced. The GDP for the first quarter of 2015 braked more sharply than expected at only a .2% pace. The US economy has grown an anemic 9.6% during the Obama years (excluding today’s dismal number)."

Republicans: Nominate another William McKinley-Calvin Coolidge-Ike Eisenhower-Ronald Reagan Republican.


3. Justice Sam Alito to the gay marriage advocates before him on Monday: Why not let four people marry, then?

“Would there be any ground for denying them a license? Let's say they're all consenting adults, highly educated. They're all lawyers,”

And the rest of America spit coffee all over their screens when they read that.

Oh let all the lawyers marry each other. That way they can screw each other and leave the rest of us alone.


4. Bill Clinton's plane makes emergency landing in Tanzania.

Must have spotted some Third World jailbait he likes.


5. Jeb Bush: Let's give Puerto Rico statehood!

Yep, he's planning to run for president.

As a Democrat.


6. The Church of Global Warming honored scientists who don't believe the noise by placing their names on a wall of shame.

James Delingpole made the list. Woo-hoo.


7. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Apologizes to Vets Without Disclosing What She Is Apologizing For.

It's not news. It's CNN.


8. Al Jazeera America Spends $73,519 Per Viewer.

So if I watch Al Jazeera,they pay me? Cool.


9. Sen. Bob Corker has signed off on the conference report for the fiscal 2016 budget resolution, clearing an obstacle for House and Senate Republicans to move forward.

Can they beat the September 30 deadline for the first time in a decade?


10. Top Down Day.

Even did 5 minutes of yardwork. Must pace myself.


From the blog:

11. First woman president? GOOD.

12. Obama: “I’ve seen this movie too many times before.” EVIL.

13. Watcher of Weasels contest. GOOD.

Final score: GOOD 9, EVIL 4.

Today's Exceptional American: Ransom Olds, invented the car assembly line.


  1. T says:

    "Bill Clinton's plane makes emergency landing in Tanzania.

    Must have spotted some Third World jailbait he likes."

    Or more likely, and untapped donor.

  2. 3--I like Alito's humor.

    5--PR hasn't yet decided they want it. Been voting against for years.

    8--Just wasting it on teleprompter readers and crew, and overhead, and likely, jihadists.

    10--FIVE whole minutes? Sheeeeeesh! Now the Scorekeeper's wife gonna expect MORE from you.

  3. The dirty little secret no one wants to admit about Baltimore

  4. #10- Next step, quality!


  5. 3. The case is only superficially about SSM. It is really about the Court allowing lawyers and judges to shred the Constitution by ignoring the difficult amendment process in favor of a quickie judicial decision on (but by no means a final resolution of) a highly divisive social issue, and using the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution to destroy the principle of Federalism in favor of uniform national law across the entire country. This is really a States Rights case.

    5. Jeb Bush is not a Manchurian candidate; he is the La Raza candidate. It's time for the US to end its colonial rule over P.R. and set it free. We don't need this spoil of the Spanish-American War to be our 51st Welfare State.

  6. 8. I'd rather have the Blaze.