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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Scoreboard 4-16-15

1. Not All Birth Control Covered by Insurance Companies Under Obamacare.

Bu-bu-but Hobby Lobby!


2. Obamacare aftermath: 27.49% of Everyone's Tax Bill Is Spent on Health Care.

Up from 22% in just three years. This is why we cannot have nice things.


3. Hillary parks her car in a handicapped spot.

Well, that is where little old ladies who have suffered concussions and suffer  memory problems (Benghazi, servers, etc.) belong.


4. Hillary doesn't tip at Chipotle.

Neither do I.


5. Smith and Wesson shares soared 13 percent Wednesday as the company announced that firearm orders are picking up again. Sales in recent weeks have been better than expected.

Guns are the dot.coms of the Obama administration.


6. Former TSA Agent: Groping Scandal Is Business as Usual.

Hey, liberals, there is your rape culture: The government.


7, The Internal Revenue Service has placed a tax lien on Melissa Harris-Perry and her husband, James Perry, for about $70,000 in delinquent taxes, according to a notice filed in Forsyth County Hall of Justice earlier this month. Harris-Perry is a well-known host of an MSNBC talk show and a professor at Wake Forest University. The IRS filed the notice April 6.

She thought under the Al Sharpton Rule that if you are black and work for MSNBC, you do not have to pay taxes.


8. Global warming activists should probably start planning their protests for the summer because the second climate rally — within just days of a major one in Canada — has been buried in snow.



9. Reid Not Sure If Boxing Blows to the Head Were Good for Him.

Before he was a boxer, he was a conservative.

Just saying.


10. Weather, bleh.


From the blog:

11. Chiraq? Iraq is safer. Maybe teh Iraqis should complain about being paired with Chicago. GOOD.

12. Making the gay mafia happy. It's impossible. GOOD.

13. Angie's List fires its co-founder. Indiana wants me, Lord I can't go back there... GOOD.

14. National Enquirer goes there (L-word) on Hillary. Disgusting. EVIL.

Final score: GOOD 9, EVIL 5.


  1. 3--NYT's Chuckie Blow says I'm racist and sexist if I don't vote for Hillary!. and now I Hate the Handicapped too? Oooooohhhhhh, I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bad.

  2. 4. Cankles doesn't tip anywhere.

    1. Sure she does, after a few tots of invigorating spirits.