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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scoreboard 4-15-15

1. Marco Rubio is in the race. Hillary had already graduated and entered law school by the time he was born.


2. NFL player convicted of murder. Ray Lewis scoffs.

Dude, you are doing it wrong.


3. Florida mailman lands a gyrocopter on the lawn of Capitol. Is arrested after 535 members of Congress yell, "Get off my lawn."

Good thing we have 2,000 people on the Capitol Police force so they can protect Congress from protesting postal workers.



My homeboy Andy is now No. 2 on the list.


5. "An investigation is underway on Long Island after two Commack High School students were photographed wearing t-shirts with anti-Semitic messages."

For punishment, they will have to write Get Well letters to Mumia Abu Jubal.


6. Jack Welch likes Ted Cruz.

Gee, a senator who supports capitalism. How novel.


7. Memphis police say a large group of high school students swarmed a BP gas station and beat a man.

On Facebook, the victim (a conservative) said he was not hurt: "It takes 30 to do nothing. Not a bruise. God is real get to know him."


8. White House adds and All Gender Restroom.

We call it The Bathroom in our house.


8. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Administrator Michele Leonhart said she is "offended by the behavior" of DEA agents who engaged in prostitution and sex parties while working on the taxpayers' dime. But Leonhart told the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday there's nothing she can do about it except to write memos stating that "these kinds of behaviors require significant discipline." If you can't fire the agents or even recommend that they be fired, "What the hell do you get to do?!" an exasperated Rep. Trey Gowdy asked her.




9. "Loretta Lynch Confirmation Delay: Hunger Strike Planned Until Attorney General Nominee Is Confirmed."

Enjoy the Lynch Lunch Diet, ladies.


10. Gray, rainy day.

Cricks are high.


From the blog:

11. A gang-rape story that doesn't fit The Narrative. EVIL.

12. "If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong" -- Feynman. GOOD.

13. The 2016 race in two photos. GOOD.

Final score: GOOD 8, EVIL 5.


  1. 9. I was hoping if the Senate held out, we could see a reduction in activists, but then I read that they would only strike one day each. Drat!

  2. 3. Gives new meaning to the phrase "going postal."
    4. Kirsten Powers a Conservative at #16? Yo, you gotta be kidding me. Who's making this list up? Every time I've seen her on TV, she's taken the liberal side of the argument, and not in a smart way either. Never claim credit for a liberal, at least not for one who isn't especially smart.
    5. As a Jew I'm offended. As a conservative American I'll defend their right to be offensive. But they'd better not walk my way in the dark of night. I may be old but I'm never too old to fight a punk.
    8. Being confined to a wheelchair is a gender? I'm not very good at symbols: seriously, is that a half-and-half symbol for The Third Way?
    11. Someone wrote (no pun intended) that this rape left a black mark on spring break. Yeah, considering the race of the three suspects who've been charged with the crime, I'd have to agree with that remark. What were they thinking?

    BTW, with regard to the police shooting in South Carolina, does anyone know if the Mercedes Benz the victim was driving was stolen? According to the audio track I heard of their initial encounter, the driver told the cop he was not the owner of the car, that he had no title papers for it, and that he was not carrying insurance on it. I assume the officer was checking to see if the car had been reported stolen when the driver bolted and ran down the street. If the car was stolen, that might explain why the driver ran. Otherwise, I find it hard to understand why he suddenly ran away, leaving both the car and his passenger behind.

  3. 11--I read there's been a third (3rd) arrest: