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Friday, April 03, 2015

Rush: You cannot spell liberalism without L-I-E-S

Hands Up! I Can't Breathe! One In Five Raped!

The history of liberal lies is lengthy, and never ever challenged by the media until it has been embedded in the minuscule minds of the morons who support liberalism.

The truth is the sunshine that will kill the vampire of liberalism, which is why so many liberals enter journalism so they can expunge the truth from the news media. Rush Limbaugh took on the untruths on Thursday.

From Rush:
It appears that liberals don't know what they're supposed to think on any given subject at any given time. They simply hope they can run to the front of the mobs. The mobs are also fake, by the way. You ever stop to think that every news story that has created massive controversy from coast to coast in this country, have you ever stopped to think that it's all fake?
"Hands up, don't shoot" did not happen. There were no rapes by frat houses and frat boys at the University of Virginia. Lena Dunham cannot prove that she was raped by a conservative at Oberlin College where she reputedly attended. The Duke lacrosse case was totally manufactured and made up. It did not happen. And on and on and on. Eric Garner in New York was not killed by a cop chokehold. He died of a heart attack on the way to the hospital. But never mind.
There is no discrimination against homosexuals in Indiana. All of this is drummed up and fake. Every one of these stories is fake. And when they are exposed as fake, such as the Rolling Stone University of Virginia rape story, when they are exposed as fake, how does the journalist responsible for the fakery and his or her accomplices in the rest of the Drive-By Media respond?
They say, "It may be, it may be fake. But it doesn't matter because we know it's happening elsewhere. We know rape is happening all over this country campus after campus after campus. It may not have happened there, it may not have happened in this case at the University of Virginia. But we know it's happening, and we have raised everybody's consciousness level about it, and so it was good."
And once again we're drawn back to the nature of the evidence when it comes to liberalism, irrelevant. The seriousness of the charge. In this case, the seriousness of the charge is that men are raping women on college campuses all the time, every day, and it's gotten out of hand. Another fake premise is that white cops are murdering and executing innocent black children every day in America. It's gotten out of hand. We gotta stop it. But it doesn't happen, and it hasn't happened.
The time has come to call these liars out.

And it is time to jump on Mike Pence and Asa Hutchinson for being lying, mealy-mouthed, spineless wimps who back down. They are as bad as Obama. I no longer support conservatives who suck up to liberals. They want o be political Monica Lewinskys, then kick them out of office. And if that means a Democrat gets elected, then let us form another party.

Third parties don't make it?

There was a third party formed in 1854 to oppose slavery. It nominated John Charles Fremont for president in 1856. Within 10 years slavery ended.

We need another Fremont -- and then a Lincoln.

Liberals lie. Call them out or get off the damned stage.


  1. More blacks are killed by other blacks in a week in cities like St. Louis or Chicago that are killed by white cops in a year in the whole country. Yeah. Black lives matter. Get back to me when you quit killing each other and then we can talk about how black lives matter. And quit ruining Sunday brunches with your hypocritical black lives matter protests.

  2. Don't forget "97% of all scientists"

  3. I'm so on board with this, I bought a season pass. Great post, Don.