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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Riots show liberal programs failed

While collecting another round of bribes at a feast on Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton said: “Baltimore is burning. The tragic death of another young African-American man, the injuries to police officers, the burning of peoples’ homes and small businesses. We have to restore order and security. But then we have to take a hard look as to what we need to do to reform our system.”

Hillary Clinton is absolutely right. We have to reform the system. Ferguson and Baltimore are the 50th anniversary riots of Watts and its ilk. In those intervening 50 years we poured trillions into inner city schools, public housing, medical insurance, welfare, food stamps and other programs. The result is more violence and more resentment from some African-Americans. We need to do something else.

Now I want people to understand this, there is one major difference. In the 1960s, there was not much of a black middle class. Today, there is. The behaviors exhibited in these riots are from ghetto thugs. Most African-Americans are not rioting and likely wish these (expletive deleted) would stop defying the law. We have to understand, this is not about race; this is about a ruthless quest for power by the Obama administration and its billionaire backers. Democrats would like nothing better than to federalize your local police.

Let us explore these riots, which are staged by radicals who seem unaware of how all this backfired on their communist brethren in the 1920s and 1930s when their anarchistic riots led to fascist regimes in Germany, Italy and Spain, which also suffered a civil war.

Missus Clinton begins her explanation with "the tragic death of another young African-American man," however, these are not ordinary young African-American men. In Ferguson and in Baltimore, the dead man was a criminal. I am not saying they deserved to die, but the confrontations between the police and urban young African-American males is the highest of any demographic group. For example, police do not have many interactions with rural Amish little old ladies. We know why; rural Amish little old ladies are not running drugs, robbing liquor stores and gunning one another down.

Young African-American males commit nearly half the violent crime in America. That is the root cause of Ferguson, Baltimore and the rest of this Tour of Destruction Across America sponsored by the NAACP, MSNBC-Comcast, and the Obama administration.

The Democratic Party does not care about Michael Brown or Freddie Gray, or anyone else whose death Democrats will exploit to maintain control of the United States Government.

This problem will never be solved until African-American leaders crack down on the criminals in their community.

Community Policing? It is older than the Internet and has had its successes. Yes, police need better training, but what we really need to do is retrain many young African-American males. We need them to show respect to their elders, to their community and to the police. Get rid of the hoodies, pull up the pants, and quit acting foolish. I am amused when I read these sob stories from black parents that they have to teach their black sons to be fearful of the police.

White fathers have done so with their sons for generations. Asian-American fathers too.

It works.

Rioting doesn't.


  1. We can start by cutting off welfare to all those involved in rioting. Just for a starter.

  2. We can start by cutting off welfare to all those involved in rioting. Just for a starter.

  3. Freddie Gray had a rap sheet as long as my arm for everything from drug pushing to robbery. There are reports his injuries may even have been self inflicted as in beating his head against the inside of the transport van.

    Before anyone poo-poos that idea I can tell you I personally witnessed a nut job in the back end of a police cruiser who shattered the "bullet-proof" plexiglass partition with his head.

  4. I don't see why Cersei Lannis... I mean, Hillary Clinton can't be our queen. I just wish Game of Thrones was only a book and a television show, instead of our election cycle.

  5. "what we really need to do is retrain many young African-American males"

    Your assumption that they can be "retrained" is unproven. Indeed, the evidence is substantially against it. Please point to one properly functioning black run society, anywhere on earth.

    Likewise leftists, who seem incapable of being trained to understand the difference between legally equal and identical. Blacks are, and should be, legally equal to whites. They are not identical, and cannot be made identical, to whites.