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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Obama: “I’ve seen this movie too many times before”

Language matters, especially when your entire career is built on an image of being a super hip, super smart, Super Man! Thus it was very revealing when President Obama declined to go to Baltimore, saying “I’ve seen this movie too many times before.”

The United States of America is only a paper moon sailing over a cardboard sea to this guy. People are numbers, not humans to him. In this picture show, Obama wants to foment violence between the races by taking a couple of isolated incidents -- 3 killings in a year's time in a nation of 320 million people -- and conflate it into a constant struggle between black people and white oppressors.

The media sells it. Even Fox News. From Breitbart:
President Obama shared his frustrations about poverty stricken urban neighborhoods during a radio interview on the Steve Harvey show this morning.
“I’ve seen this movie too many times before,” the former community organizer said, referring to the cyclical nature of the problems like the incident in Baltimore citing his experience as a community organizer in Chicago.
The problem, as he explained it, is that Americans only worry about poor neighborhoods when there’s a crisis, failing to engage with their concerns and difficulties over time.
“People have a tendency, once the fires are out … to go back and focus on whatever reality TV thing is going on,” he said. “We’ve got to make sure that we don’t brush this aside after the crisis is past.”
Obama complained about “disinvested communities” where the primary economy was the drug trade, where young people were more likely to go to prison than college.
Nonsense. Claptrap. No nation spends more money on the poor than America. None. In the last 50 years we have invested trillions of dollars into poor neighborhoods, building new housing, new roads and new schools. In 47 of the 50 states the poorest districts spend more per student than the rich districts do, thanks to federal aid. College admissions now discriminate against white and Asian-American students in favor of black and Hispanic students. That's been the federal law for 40-plus years.

If all after this more ghetto kids are going to prison than college, that is their choice.

Of course, that is not the case. Most African-Americans are no different from other Americans. They work hard and take advantage of the opportunities this great nation provides. Just as his 1 in 5 rapes statistic was actually 1 in 500, so it is in this case.

17.7 percent of African Americans in the United States have a college degree.

Less than 5 percent are in jail.

That means black people are more than 3 times as likely to go to and graduate from college than prison.

He lied. With impunity. Again.

As far as “disinvested communities” goes, why invest money and risk a riot? Hell, even the president won't go to Baltimore. It's a movie. He's bored. A selfie with the CVS burning in the background isn't cool.