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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Making the gay mafia happy

ABC-Disney is learning that the Left that it bows to will never be satisfied. The homosexual pressure group GLAAD is demanding more gay characters in Disney films. The leftist Hollywood Reporter wrote: "GLAAD, found that of the 114 releases from the major studios in 2014, only 20 of them, or 17.5 percent, included characters identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual."

Given that the Gallup poll showed only 3.6 percent of Americans identify themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual, that sounds about right.

But apparently the GLAAD gasbags won't be glad until Princess Charming smooches Sleeping Beauty to awake her.

The Left politicizes everything because the Left wants to control every aspecct of every American's life. Just remember that. This is not about equality or fairness or diversity or anything but rare, unchallenged power.

From the Hollywood Reporter:
"As television and streaming services continue to produce a remarkable breadth of diverse LGBT representations, we still struggle to find depictions anywhere near as authentic or meaningful in mainstream Hollywood film. The industry continues to look increasingly out of touch by comparison, and still doesn't represent the full diversity of the American cultural fabric," GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said.
Among the inclusive films, the report found, 65 percent of them featured gay male characters, less than a third featured bisexuals and about one tenth included lesbian characters. There was a slight increase in racial diversity with 32.1 percent of the characters being people of color, compared to 24 percent in 2013. Of the 28 characters GLAAD counted, 19 were white (67.9 percent), three were black/African-American (10.7 percent), two were Latin (7.1 percent), and four were Asian/Pacific Islander (14.3 percent).
You want diversity? Make more villains gay. Sure, why not? Cruella De Vil as a lesbian. You get your quota without offending Christians.

Louis Mayer were smart enough not to get involved in politics. ABC-Disney is learning this lesson the hard way. That's what hiring college graduates gets you.


  1. Sounds like the gays are way over quota, to me.

  2. I guess the gay crowd won't be happy until there's a prince running around in ass-less chaps. I agreed way back when to stay out of your bedrooms, now will please shut up about what you do in your bedrooms.

  3. I have stopped watching shows with gay characters. Just tired of the propaganda.

    1. Which, if you're like me, means you have pretty much stopped watching TV. And they wonder why viewership is dropping like a rock?

  4. How do they tell whether characters who aren't in relationships are gay? Sounds like what they are really counting is blatantly gay characters and assuming that any character who isn't obviously gay must be heterosexual, but of course they couldn't be doing that because that would be blatant stereotyping...