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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

John McCain goes Bob Byrd

Democrat Bob Byrd, the Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan who rose to Democratic Senate Leader, served in the Senate 51 years and 176 days, winning 9 terms. Bob Byrd was truly a lifer as only death ended his tenure. In his last race, his tremors from old age were so severe that his arms and hands flapped like a frantic bird trying to fly. His death at 92 was mercy from the Lord.

Now Republican John McCain, 78, wants to follow in Byrd's precarious footsteps as he announced today he will seek a sixth term in the Senate. Apparently 30 years is not long enough. He will be 86 at the end of a sixth term.

From ABC News:
The Arizona Republican made the announcement to run for a sixth term on Monday in an interview with NBC News.
McCain uses his position as chairman to criticize President Barack Obama on national security.
"I have never been more concerned about the security of this nation because of the feckless leadership of the president of the United States," he said.
McCain, 78, will be 80 by Election Day, but he said his Senate career is "just getting started."
No, his Senate career should be ending. He served the nation well as a Navy pilot, prisoner of war and Member of Congress. Enough. Go home.

I saw Byrd and pitied him. When a political opponent pities you, you pretty much bottomed out. I do not wish this on Senator McCain, who has done his time.



  1. I guess McRINO wants to continue to be a maverick and "reach across the aisle" while bashing conservative Republicans and calling them "wacko birds". Enough is enough! Retire already so Arizona can elect a real Republican to your seat.

  2. Go home, Senator, and enjoy your reclining years. In a La-Z-Boy.

  3. When John-boy came to the NRA national the year he ran he was unapologetic about his stance on gun shows. The response from the crowd was lukewarm at best. I had a feeling right then that we had no chance in the upcoming election.