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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Is Indiana overkill gay guilt over silence on Muslim hangings?

I received three interesting tweets from this fellow:

And there were these two:

The theory has some merit. As I pointed out on Saturday, and others have since, Apple's openly gay CEO self-righteously denounced Indiana -- while in Riyadh he profit from seven stores that sell to the executioners of gays. It is cowardice.

The same people who want to cut off ties to Israel want to sell Iranian oil -- in exchange for letting Iran go nuke.

Never ever forget that Democrat Eric Holder and Democrat Bill Clinton pardoned Democrat Marc Rich for selling banned Iranian oil. Technically, it was for not paying taxes on his profiteering.

The same self-righteous bigots who screamed Halliburton under Bush 43's presidency ignore the fact that Obama golfs with Halliburton executives.

Guilt, or cowardice?


Besides, they hate Christians.


  1. They win the trifecta with those reasons.

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