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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Indians have reservations on gay marriage

Is gay marriage racist?

It turns out not only do blacks and Hispanics hate gay marriage (they overwhelming supported California's Prop 8, which passed only to be struck down by white judges) but several Indian tribes are making it clear that they oppose homosexual marriage.

From the Associated Press:
Even if a U.S. Supreme Court ruling this spring makes same-sex marriage the law of the land, it would leave pockets of the country where it isn’t likely to be recognized any time soon: the reservations of a handful of sovereign Native American tribes, including the nation’s two largest.
Since 2011, as the number of states recognizing such unions spiked to 37, at least six smaller tribes have revisited and let stand laws that define marriage as being between a man and a woman, according to an Associated Press review of tribal records. In all, tribes with a total membership approaching 1 million won’t recognize marriages between two men or two women.
Several explicitly declare that same-sex marriages are prohibited. And some have even toughened their stance.
In December, just weeks after North Carolina began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, the state’s Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians updated its law to add language preventing gay couples from having marriage ceremonies performed on tribal land. The resolution changing the law, which passed 8-1, says court cases around the country prompted the tribe of about 13,000 enrolled members to review its own laws.
The Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and the Navajo Nation, with about 300,000 members each, maintain decade-old laws that don’t recognize same-sex marriage. Neither tribe has shown much sign of shifting.
Alray Nelson, a gay-rights activist who lives with his partner, Brennen Yonnie, on the Navajo reservation, said the tribe’s law denies same-sex couples the right to be included in decisions on a partner’s health care or to share in a homesite lease. Getting a marriage license would only require a short drive to a courthouse off the reservation, but the couple — both enrolled Navajo members — would rather wait until it’s allowed on the reservation.
“We are both planning to build a life here, and we want to raise a family,” he said. “So it’s not an option for us to remove ourselves from our community.”
Liberals for years have portrayed Indians as being holier than we and at-one with nature. Indians are saying gay marriage ain't natural.

Muslims, of course, oppose gay anything. So pretty much the support comes for gay marriage disproportionately comes from white people, particularly the atheists.


  1. Indians have reservations on gay marriage

    ... and, thus, do not have gay marriage on reservations.

  2. Indians have reservations on gay marriage

    ...and, thus, do not have gay marriage on reservations.

  3. I see you aced the title-writing course, Don.

  4. Mooslimes are weird. They oppose perverted marriage, but are just fine with molesting young boys. And sheep.

  5. "So pretty much the support comes for gay marriage disproportionately comes from white people, particularly the atheists."

    There's nothing wrong with white people. Only race-baiting haters dislike white people. Unfortunately, the amount of those people and their sympathizers has increased of late.