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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hillary's cutting edge -- for 1964 -- campaign

The headline in The Hill was laughable: "Hillary pressed to take on Big Tobacco."

Wow, a politician willing to take on tobacco companies. That is so cutting edge -- for 1964.

But here in the real world more than a half-century later "Big Tobacco" as The Hill breathlessly stated it is very tiny. At $66 billion a year, tobacco sales account for less than 0.4% of the national economy. However, tobacco tax revenues top $17 billion a year -- lung money collected by Uncle Sam and the 50 states.

Hillary's attack on Big Tobacco is as outdated as her other ideas because she is a vacuous liberal with two things on her pea brain: Money and power.

Liberals ran out of ideas before Ronald Reagan was born.

That is why they keep flogging old ideas as if they were new.

Equal pay? It has been the law of the land since 1963.

Civil rights? 1957 -- with updates in 1964 and 1965.

Gun control? 1968.

Abortion on demand? 1973.

I suppose gay marriage is new. In 1993 Hillary and her husband vehemently opposed gay marriage, and having gays in the military.

She's a phony with no principles and no ideas. And so she keeps recycling settled laws.

I expect her to come out against Prohibition before this final campaign dies from a lack of oxygen.

Americans want something new and better.

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  1. Don, yes she is old and outdated, but today's voters are lowfo by any standard. For that reason she has a better chance of winning than I care to imagine. If she wins, what will she inherit? By 2017 Barry Soetoro will have completely destroyed this country. We get the leaders we deserve, and with abortion on demand, perverse marriage, and the criminalization of all things moral and just, we deserve this and worse. GOD punished Israel, he will also punish us.