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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Every one of these people is wrong

Free speech isn't pretty. A federal judge protected Pam Geller's right to purchase an anti-Muslim ad on buses in New York City which offends people. The only way the government -- which owns the buses -- can stop her is by rejecting all ads from everyone.

Some online readers at the Washington Post showed their ignorance of free speech in the comments:

"Maybe the solution is some vigilante teams armed with cans of spray paint to blot out the offending adds."

"So the judge basically thinks its OK for an advertisement to claim people who look a certain way want to kill Jews. Wow, I mean, just wow."

"I find such ads despicable. I wouldn't permit them."

"When Judges mix their own politics/religion with their judiciary duties, Judges become biased. Judge Koeltl also clerked for another pro- Israeli judge: Edward Weinfeld!"

"So now I am free to start posting KILLING XTIANS IS FUN! ads!"

"How little judgement the judge demonstrated. Would it be OK to run an ad on the NY buses that read, 'kill a Muslim a day keeps jihad away,' or kill judge Smith, etc. No it would not be Okay. So how can it be Okay to say kill jews. U.S. District Judge John Koeltl should be ashamed of himself."

(The ad was not advocating the killing of anyone. The story did not make that very clear.)

Someone suggested public funding of the buses instead of taking ad money.

Uh, they already do that.


  1. "So the judge basically thinks its OK for an advertisement to claim people who look a certain way want to kill Jews." - So the fallback complaint is racism? Oy! The comments on FB show that most people did not even read the story, but are reacting to the image and complaining about the ad as if it advocated killing Jews. Or was racist. Or a number of things. But read the article? Nope!

    You are correct! Most of these people are wrong. Pam Geller is right! So is the judge who ruled for the 1st Amendment. And, no, I won't, and no NOT, always like ads I see. Especially lies from Progressives. But it ain't my job to complain about them and demand they be censored. 1st Amendment trumps my unease.

    Thanks, Don! :D

  2. The Left's multi-culti loves Muslims, and hates Israelis.

  3. Just remembered Randy Newman's song, Short People. A lot of people didn't listen closely to what it said. Or read the ad on the buses.

  4. MTA officials “underestimate the tolerant quality of New Yorkers..."

    Tolerance of New Yorkers? No, it's their world-famous INDIFFERENCE. In any case, I think the ad campaign, though legal and unquestionably attention-getting, is uncivil and a mistake.