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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter weekend scoreboard

He Is Risen.

Happy Easter and belated Happy Passover.

1. Muslim terrorists killed 147 Christians in Kenya. Under George Walker Bush, Muslim terrorists were in retreat. Under Barack Obama, Muslim terrorism is ubiquitous in Africa. But hey "he" got Osama bin Laden, right. Enjoy sharia law in the next 20 years, feminists. EVIL.

2. Democratic Congressman Emanuel Cleaver spoke out against the “strobe-light lynching” of black people in Ferguson, Missouri, by giving them traffic tickets. Yes, Ferguson is so racist that two-thirds of its residents now are black. You know what really oppresses black people in Ferguson? Having their property values cut in half by riots and looting that Congressman Cleaver and the rest of the Democratic Party encouraged. EVIL.

3. Republican Governor Bobby Jindal said we should be careful creating special rights for LGBT. Too late, Bobby. They join black people, Muslims, and liberal women as people you cannot criticize nor hold accountable for their actions.

Under truth to power: GOOD.

4. I've seen the blood moon rising.

There's a bathroom on the right. GOOD.

5. Kentucky lost in the semi-finals. Duke won, which makes Wisconsin America's team under the ABD rule. GOOD.

6. "Anti-Israel protesters call ‘Kill the Jews’ in Vienna." Bosnians at a soccer match partying like it is 1938. This will not end well -- especially with an anti-Semite in the White House. EVIL.

7. Spent the weekend uploading the book of American Vignettes for self-publication in May. (The ones with asterisks made the final cut.) And I still got to enjoy a Top Down Easter. Proofs next week? GOOD.

From the blog:

8. Oh no, welfare queens won't be able to take cruises. GOOD.

9. Report: U.S. oil production headed to all-time high. GOOD.

10. Hypocrisy makes him a Democratic star. EVIL.

11. Elon Musk is a jerk. EVIL.

12. Perry's ethics prosecutors don't seem very ethical. But they are being called out in court. GOOD.

Saturday's American Vignette: Charles Sumner, caned but not beaten.

Today's American Vignette: Sibbell (Sybil) Ludington, the female Paul Revere.

Final score: GOOD 7, EVIL 5.


  1. 2--Black "leaders" calling anything but actual lynching "lynching" invokes Godwin's Law on them.

    4--Don shoots; he SCORES!

    6--Godwin's Law, again.

  2. 2. Back in the bad old days, when black men in the south were lynched by racists, they were actually issued traffic tickets? I did not know that. All along, I thought they were hanged. You learn something new every day.

  3. Oops forgot: American Vingette collection? SUPER GOOD!

  4. 0. He is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia!
    The rest if a footnote.
    But Obama would have been cast our by Jesus.