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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Democratic Party protects rapist from prison

Donny Ray Williams Jr. is a monster who should be spending the next few decades in prison for drugging and raping women. But he walked out of court with no jail time on Monday.

You see,  Donny Ray Williams Jr. is a longtime and well-connected Democratic Party operative who most recently was staff director for a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee when Harry Reid was Senate majority leader. Democrats staffed these committees.

Donny Ray Williams Jr. pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two women, the Washington Post reported.

That led to no jail time.


One of the victims wrote the court and begged for prison time for this monster: “He gave me a random dose of drugs and risked my life,” the woman wrote in a letter read during the D.C. Superior Court hearing last week. “After the assault, I moved away, and he continued to harass me and threatened me to drop the charges. This crime has caused me fear, pain and a financial burden.”

However, Democratic Party prosecutors cut a deal with the Democratic Party operative. The Washington Post reported:
But as part of the plea deal, prosecutors agreed to ask the judge to suspend a 4 1/2-year prison term, meaning Williams will remain free as long as he stays out of trouble. Though the man before them had committed serious offenses, a prosecutor said, he had also suffered as a victim of an unrelated crime."
About a year after his arrest on the sex-assault charges, Williams was severely disfigured and badly injured after acid was thrown on his face. Authorities are still investigating the attack, and no arrests have been made.
During the hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sharon Marcus-Kurn said Williams used his position to prey on his victims. “It was done with foresight, intentionally and deliberately,” Marcus-Kurn said. “The impact on these women is life-changing.”
But the prosecutor said the defendant’s life also was dramatically changed when he became a victim. She noted that Williams has had more than 20 surgeries, his vision is impaired and he faces additional “life-threatening” surgeries.
So the criminal thug becomes the victim, like that? The acid attack is hideous to be sure, but it is a separate crime that should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

As this case should have been.

Federal Judge Robert E. Morin could have nixed the deal. He didn't. He is after all an appointee of Bill Clinton.

But please, carry on about 1 in 5, 1 in 5, 1 in 5.

There is a monster loose in Washington, D.C., who knows that he can drug and rape women without consequence -- because he is a Democrat.


  1. Hmm... An unrelated acid attack!?!?

    Looks like someone expected the justice system to drop the ball and exacted justice a bit faster.

  2. War on women is only serious when a Republican is involved. Dimocrat? Ted Floater Kennedy the killer of Mary Jo Kopeckne, The Lion of the Senate. BJ Clinton serial sexual harasser. Defended by "feminists" for supporting abortion. And now this scumbag. Amazing! But the Dimocrats keep getting away with the War on Women meme. Disgusting!

    1. They are the lowest of all life-forms on the planet. You know, like the kind that grow in your gut and come out when you go potty.

  3. Dems are an entitled class. They know it, and live it.

  4. I thought it was a Bill Clinton story.
    As Kent Brockman would say, I welcome our ISIS overlords.

  5. Gee. If he had gone to federal prison he could have all his surgeries for free! And even become a (sort-of) girl if he wanted.

  6. The legal system is fragile and depends on the integrity of the judges & lawyers that operate within its construct. This deal is an atrocious embarrassment, & the judge should be embarrassed & ashamed of himself.