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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Daily scoreboard 4-21-2015

1. From New Hampshire:
AUDIENCE MEMBER: Are you and other people running representing corporations or ordinary people? 
GOV. PERRY: But I think, that question for me, as the governor of the state of Texas ... I am not an unknown. I have run the 13th largest economy in the world for the last 14 years. My campaign contributions are open. You can go look at them. Number one, I can't take a corporate contribution. So there's is not a corporate contribution that comes to me as a governor. As the governor of the state of Texas, a corporation is not what funded my [campaign]. You go look at my, I mean my records are open, they're there. And you look at them, corporate contributions ...
AUDIENCE MEMBER: But that's the system you rely on.
HOST: We have to move forward. Thank you for the questions.
GOV. PERRY: The system I rely on is by personal contributions from people in the state of Texas. Corporations are not what is driving this thing. Now, I do buy into your thing that corporations have an inordinate amount of influence in Washington, D.C. And we need to have people that we trust that are going to go in there and make decisions that are in the best interest of this country. I got a record of putting 1.5 million people to work in the state of Texas while the rest of the country lost 400,000 jobs. That's what we better be focused on, is getting people back to work in this country.
Hey moderators, less moderating, more debate.


2. Senator Ted Cruz told gun owners at a Litchfield, New Hampshire, hunting club that it is past time to examine gun-free zones on military bases and to find a way to change the policy so soldiers can protect themselves.

But only the government should have guns.

(But they are thee government.)

Well ... Look, a squirrel!


3. Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch joined a group of former U.S. attorneys in signing an amicus brief presented to the Supreme Court in 2006 in the case of Gonzales v. Carhart that argued that the federal ban on partial-birth abortion was unconstitutional because its language was too vague.

She will be confirmed. No litmus test for abortion -- unless you oppose abortion.

(But you just described a litmus test.)

Well ... Look, a squirrel!


4. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate, is marching forward with his bold new pro-American worker immigration policy. He’s not afraid to push for a legal immigration system that doesn’t box out American workers with a massive influx of inexpensive foreign labor. After first rolling out his new ideas on Glenn Beck’s radio program on Monday, Walker appeared on Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s show to further elaborate on how he hopes to protect Americans economically from special interests pushing for a massive influx in cheap foreign labor from around the world.

Wanting American jobs for Americans is unAmerican!


5. Oberlin feminists freak out over Christina H. Sommers speech and accuse her of ‘supporting rapists’.

Oberlin. It lost its relevance around 1900.


6. Jeb Bush is preparing to embark on an experiment in presidential politics: delegating many of the nuts-and-bolts tasks of seeking the White House to a separate political organization that can raise unlimited amounts of campaign cash.

The male Hillary.


7. Madonna Praises Margaret Thatcher, Upsets Many, Then Deletes Post.

Madonna has all the courage of Little Barack Faunteleroy: The mouth of a lion, the heart of a chickadee.


8. Illegal immigrant accused of raping 10-year-old girl.

There's your rape culture.

Liberals protect it.


9. Beautiful day.

Not Top Down, but I had the top down.


From the blog:

10. 5 billion gallons to save 6 fish. EVIL.

11. Kasich? GOOD.

12. Roseanne Barr is why Hillary is in trouble. GOOD.

13. Fun on Twitter. GOOD.

Final score: GOOD 8, EVIL 5.

Weasel of the week nominees.


  1. 5--Suggesting women might want to do things that would make rape less likely to happen to them sure sounds like Rape Kultur to me.

    8--Lefties have severe brain malfunctions.

  2. Truth is, Sam, lefties want, no demand, the world change for them. They have no intention of suffering.

    Righties and Christians suggest that bedrock principles-- even if we don't like them----are immutable and therefore change us, often through pain and suffering---and in the long run, for the better.