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Monday, April 06, 2015

Antarctic ice near record high

As Lenin's Birthday, er, Earth Day approaches, we find that after 45 years the doomsayers are right. Global cooling is in full swing. The ice shelf at Antarctica may be at a record level.

National Snow and Ice Data Center

From Paul Homewood, citing government data: "Antarctic sea ice extent continues to run at well above average, with March extent 2nd highest on record, behind 2008."

National Snow and Ice Data Center information shows sea ice around Antarctica was 1.2 million square kilometers above average. That is 22% above the 1979-2015 average.

What is incredible is during this period, carbon dioxide levels at peak at Mauna Loa, Hawaii (apparently the only point on the Earth where this is measured) have risen from 336 parts per million in May 1979, to 400 parts per million in May 2014.

That's a 19% increase in carbon dioxide during a period where Antarctic sea ice increased 22%.

There is only one conclusion: Carbon dioxide causes global cooling, right?



    Say, why isn't the CO2 level checked at the edges of the ice sheets? Seems like volcano mouths would be where it's highest.

    And in that first line, Don, shouldn't you have "years" after 45?

    Yr Humble Svt.,
    Sam L
    Freelance Proofreader and Grammarian

    1. Thanks. Fixed. I hope you find nothing in the book but I know better :)