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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A gang-rape story that doesn't fit The Narrative

In December, when the rest of the media still bought Rolling Stone's lie by Sabrina Rubin Erdely of a gang rape by a fraternity at the University of Virginia, Ralph Cipriano pointed out another rape lie written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely a few years earlier. It involved a junkie felon who made wild claims about being passed around as an altar boy among various Catholic priests. Sabrina Rubin Erdely's husband was the prosecutor in the case, and conveniently there was a gag order that kept the priests and their lawyers from talking about the case. Then there was the Duke University lacrosse case, which triggered a media feeding frenzy even though it was a lie. The story saturated the 24-hour cable TV networks.

Lies, lies, lies.

Now we have a more credible gang-rape story complete with a police report. But Matt Drudge does not seem interested and I do not see a whole lot of play of the story elsewhere in the media.

From CNN:
A young woman was watching a video on the news when she discovered a nightmare scenario: She may have been drugged and gang-raped on a crowded Florida beach in broad daylight, as bystanders watched.
It's not the first time this has happened to a young woman in Panama City Beach, authorities say.
The woman's face can't be seen in the video, and parts of it were blurred. But she recognized her tattoos and contacted authorities.
Four young men were involved in the assault, authorities say. Two have been arrested and an arrest warrant has been issued for a third suspect, who federal marshals are trying to track down, said Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen. Investigators are also hoping to talk with a fourth person who is a possible witness.
Within feet of where the attack was happening, "There's hundreds, hundreds of people standing there -- watching, looking, seeing, hearing what's going on," McKeithen said.
"And yet our culture and our society and our young people have got to the point where obviously this is acceptable somewhere. I will tell you it is not acceptable in Bay County."
Now then,an allegation is just that. There are many factors to consider before buying into the story. Videos do lie. And maybe the sheriff and majority of people of Bay County, Florida, do not like spring break partiers and like a media biased against fraternities, Catholics and Duke University, the police bought the story.

But this is a credible allegation in that you have police corroboration.

So why did the media spread lies about these false rape while ignoring this one? Well, men accused in the false rape stories were largely (if not all) white. Fraternities tend to be white, except for black fraternities. Most Catholic priests are white, and only the white members of the lacrosse team were accused.

The two men arrested in the Panama City gang-rape are black. They attend Troy University in Alabama.

While black men make up 13% of the male population, they make up 23% of the men incarcerated for sexual assault, 44% of the men incarcerated for rape, and 48% of the men incarcerated for all violent crimes, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reported.

These facts betray the media stereotype that white males are the fount of all evil in the world. Negative racial stereotypes still exist, they simply have reversed.


  1. It doesn't matter what race the alleged rapists are. The issue is rape. Unfortunately, sometimes there have been false reports, and sometimes the media has run with it. In this case, there appears to be video evidence. Another problem is when the media takes a single story and makes it national news where it should be a local crime story.

    1. It doesn't matter what race the alleged rapists are ... until it does. In other words, when ever the alleged rapists are white.

      The issue is not rape. Rape is a crime that can be prosecuted in American courts of Law. The issue is False Rape Hysteria/Narrative.

      It sounds like you're furiously tap dancing on the head of a pin, while pointing somewhere else, saying "look over there! Look over there".

      It's not working.

    2. Anonymous paid troll.

    3. It is all that matters

  2. Might I suggest Black Privilege exists, and as evidenced by the tape and the lack of publicity/news-mentions?

  3. Doesn't fit the narrative. Black people good, white people bad. If not for the internet, this story would have never gotten any national play. I agree with Sam L, black privilege.

  4. Crime in general within the black community is under-reported by the media. The few incidents of police misbehavior get much more attention, in part because we expect a lot of and set high standards for police officers, but also because there are lower expectations for blacks, especially for young black males. Leaders of the African-American community know they have a serious problem with young males who grow up without fathers and without discipline. But to speak out on behalf of long-suffering law-abiding African-Americans takes courage, something that could have been---but never was---shown by our first A-A president, Barack H. Obama, or his Attorney General. What a sad waste of a precious opportunity the last 6 years have been.

  5. The reason for pumping up the false rape charges is the same as for the Zimmerman/Martin, Brown/Wilson cases. The Left pushes them BECAUSE THEY ARE LIES. It is the War Against Truth/Facts/Evidence.

    Somebody over at Ace of Spades a few weeks back realized that the purpose of propaganda in the Communist countries wasn't to convince anybody on the outside. It was to make the populace complicit in the crimes and falsehoods of the State. Forcing people to play lip service to obvious lies demonstrated the power of the State over the plebes and served to sap their spirit while weakening their grasp on the very idea of truth beyond the Will of the State.

    1. That's among the many things Jonah Goldberg wrote about in his book, "Liberal Fascism."

    2. Which should be mandatory reading for anyone not on the Left.