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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Will felons get gun rights as well as voting rights?

Democratic Congressman John Conyers, whose wife Monica served three years in a federal prison for political corruption, wants to fix it so that she can vote for him again, the Hill reported. John Conyers wants to restore voting rights in federal elections to people who have committed felonies.

"Just as poll taxes and literacy tests prevented an entire class of citizens, namely African Americans, from integrating into society after centuries of slavery, ex-offender disenfranchisement laws prevent people from reintegrating into society after they have paid their debt by serving time in prison," Conyers said in a statement.

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin is sponsoring a Senate version of the proposal, the Hill reported.

"State disenfranchisement laws deny citizens participation in our democracy and the patchwork of laws leads to an unfair disparity and unequal participation in federal elections based solely on where an individual lives, in addition to the racial disparities inherent in our judicial system," Cardin said.

Efforts to restore rights to murderers (half the victims of murder in this country are black) and rapists (nearly all rape victims are female) seem to be part of a Democratic Party War on Black People and its continuing War on Women.

But my question is this: Will felons get gun rights as well?

If you cannot trust a man with a gun, why would you trust him to help elect the next president?


  1. I wouldn't trust Rep. or Mrs. Conyers with a gun OR a vote.

  2. A lot of other Dems, as well.

  3. Almost all states allow felons to vote once they're off probation.