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Saturday, March 21, 2015

What AP did not say about WV gun veto

The Associated Press reported on Democratic Governor Earl Ray Tomblin's veto of a bill to allow concealed carry of guns in West Virginia without a permit.

What it left out of the story was interesting.

First, the Associated Press report:
Citing public safety concerns, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has vetoed a bill to eliminate requirements for people carrying concealed handguns to have permits.
The National Rifle Association-backed Democrat said Friday's veto responds to an outcry by law enforcement against the bill.
Arkansas, Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming have passed similar laws.
Open carry, like a holster on a hip, is legal without permitting in West Virginia. Thirty-one states have similar open-carry rules.
Covering handguns up with a coat, for instance, requires a permit.
The bill would require concealed handgun carriers to be at least 21, with military exceptions.
The state Sheriffs Association opposed the bill, saying it could let more dangerous people carry concealed weapons and take away permit money that helps local law enforcement.
Proponents cited 2nd Amendment arguments.
Here is what AP left out:

1. The bill is based on Vermont law. Vermont has the nation's lowest gun murder rate.

2. Sheriffs in West Virginia collect $75 for each permit application, plus another $15 if the permit is issued. It costs nowhere near $90 to do a background check and issue a permit. The money is basically a slush fund for law enforcement.

3. D.C. has more gun restrictions than any state (and a larger police presence by far) and its gun murder rate is more than double Louisiana's, the state that has the highest gun murder rate. If D.C. were a state it would have the highest gun murder rate by far.

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  1. Big Media's sins of omission are just as bad as their sins of commission. The weasels do both to advance their agenda.

  2. That's why we've learned to distrust what the AP tells us.

  3. Don, I think there's a typo in your very last sentence. How could DC have more
    than double Louisiana's , the state that has the g\highest gun muder rate"?

    1. Thanks. I shall clarify by adding: " If D.C. were a state it would have the highest gun murder rate by far."