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Friday, March 20, 2015

WaPo expose doesn't begin until Paragraph 30

Skip the first 29 paragraphs of the Washington Post story by Kevin Sullivan and Rosalind S. Helderman of the Washington Post, "How the Clintons’ Haiti development plans succeed — and disappoint."

It is all journalistic scene chewing. What should be the heart of the story isn't until Paragraph 30 when the reporters admit that well, Hillary's brother got a gold mine out of the deal to repair Haiti after a hurricane devastated it.

I wrote about this earlier.

From the Washington Post today:
Controversy surrounding the Clintons only deepened with the recent revelation, contained in an upcoming book by Peter Schweizer, that Tony Rodham — Hillary Clinton’s younger brother — serves on the advisory board of a U.S.-based company that in 2012 won one of Haiti’s first two gold-mining permits in 50 years. After objection from the Haitian senate, the permits have been placed on hold.
“Neither Bill Clinton nor the brother of Hillary Clinton are individuals who share the interests of the Haitian people,” said Samuel Nesner, an anti-mining activist who thinks mining poses great environmental risks and will mainly benefit foreign investors. “They are part of the elite class who are operating to exploit the Haitian people.”
Clinton Foundation officials said Bill Clinton had been unaware of Rodham’s involvement in the mine project. A spokesman for Hillary Clinton said she does not know the chief executive of the mine.
“I strongly believe the Clintons came to Haiti in good faith and they wanted to have an impact,” said Jean-Max Bellerive, who was Haiti’s prime minister at the time of the earthquake and served as co-chairman with Bill Clinton on the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission. (Bellerive is also on the mining company’s advisory board.)
There you have it. Haiti is a corruptocracy that the Clintons, Obamas and the 21st century Democratic Party use as a model for their own form of government.

The Washington Post, a hand-maiden of such a regime, has put forth a scenario that reads like a Clintonian press release. The nugget about the Clintons using Tony Rodham as the conduit for their corruption is included only so the Washington Post can say later, we included that.

Over on the other side of Hispaniola, the just-as-poor people of the Dominican Republic survived the same storm rather well. Why? Building codes? Zoning? A government that actually cares abut its people? It's for sure that the Clintons helped -- by staying out of D.R.

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  1. DR and Haiti: The best argument for good government there is. Haiti seems to be a kleptocracy from top to bottom. Naturally they'd like the Clintons.