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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Walker: "Islamic terrorism is like a virus"

The same people who touted Barack Obama's "mud hut diplomacy" eight years ago will pounce next year on Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin's inexperience in foreign affairs.

But unlike President Obama, Governor Walker gets it.

Campaigning in Concord, New Hampshire, for president on Saturday, Governor Walker said: "Radical Islamic terrorism is like a virus and if you don't take it out entirely, it's like a virus in your computer, it will keep coming back."


If you dismiss a group as JVs, that does not make them JVs.

It makes you one.

Governor Walker is no JV. He said: "I believe increasingly, in light of what's happened in the last six or seven months, I believe there are partners in the coalition we can draw on from the Arab world, like Jordan, like Egypt, because of what's happened to their citizens and have a true coalition force."

When was the last time Secretary of State John Kerry said anything nice about President Sisi of Egypt or King Abdullah II of Jordan? Does he even know who they are? Maybe if they said something about global warming.

You know, the biggest threat to the world.


  1. Walker knows he's not the smartest man in the world, so he'll get good advisors, and use them. Obama, of course, needs no advice; he does what Valerie tells him to do.

  2. "...pounce next year on Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin's inexperience in foreign affairs"

    If Hillary is the Democrats' nominee in 2016, you can be sure this will happen because they are under the delusion she is some kind of foreign policy wonk, a female Henry Kissinger if you will. Never mind that when she hit the RESET button with Putin, she didn't appreciate that Putin would take it to be an open invitation for him to restore the lost prestige of the Soviet Union. So when the Dems start touting her "experience" in diplomacy, just remember there is straight line that runs from Hillary to the Russian interference in Crimea. That kind of experience the US can do without. We cannot afford 4 years of missteps by Hillary. And don't get me started on the idea that hubby Bill would be there to offer her his support and if we're supposed to be appreciative of some kind of Clinton-sleezy runaround of the Constitution's limit on presidential terms to 2.