Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tweets beat the Gazette in covering the Legislature

The last time Republicans controlled both houses of the West Virginia Legislature was 1930. They came back this year. The 60-day session just ended. No they did not repair all the damage of 83 years of Democratic Party control in 60 days (the two split the Legislature in 1931 and 1932).

But they made a good start.

Charleston Gazette reporters wasted the session trying to portray Republicans as evil. But Republican spectators bit back. I laugh at how pro-union the reporters are at the newspaper that fought unions in the 1970s. While the Charleston Gazette tried to set the agenda in its faux news articles, the social media countered the very discredited dinosaur media in town.

The Gazette is as irrelevant as I am; 78% of its endorsed legislative candidates lost last fall.

The big action was civil justice reform. The Associated Press gave few details, but Hoppy Kercheval -- the dean of statehouse reporters -- had an excellent column explaining it.

Before I Twitchy-fy some of my favorite tweets, let me say Governor Earl Ray Tomblin will be vetoing some bills. Putting a 20-week time limit to decide on an abortion makes sense. So does not requiring law-abiding adults to pay for permission to carry a gun if they wish. So does setting up charter schools; we spent $21 million building Mary C. Snow for inner city kids and their rock-bottom test scores declined.

Yes, some of the Republican are kind of rough. But I don't expect Republican Scott Cadle (one of my two delegates) to be a slick-speaking truck driver.

And now some of the best tweets.


  1. Dems, what can you do but ridicule them.

    What happened to your troll, Don?

    1. Methinks someone in the hierarchy reminded him they are ignoring me. Hey