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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

She'll get away with it

I am amused by all the huffing and puffing from the lefty media over Hillary Clinton keeping her emails as Secretary of State hidden from government oversight. I haven't seen them this upset since Bill committed perjury, or when Al Gore was caught taking illegal campaign contributions laundered through impoverished Buddhist nuns.

But I also realize that this is all an act. Next week, some Republican will utter something -- mild or not -- that will give the lefty media the opportunity to say all Republicans went too far. The lady lefty journalists of a certain cannot wait to defend her.

For now, though, lefties are thumping their chests at her.

From Frank Bruni:
“Convenience.” “Convenience.” “Convenience.” “Convenience.”
Hillary Clinton’s reliance on that word during her news conference at the United Nations on Tuesday minimized the exemption from standard procedure that she allowed herself when she decided — all on her own — to use only a private email address for both personal and government business.
She told reporters that she hadn’t wanted to be weighed down by a second electronic device. It wasn’t secrecy that motivated her. It was purse space and pinkie strain.
And behind her forced smile, which was practically cemented in place, she seemed put out by all the skepticism and all the questions. She shouldn’t be. This latest Clinton controversy is not the work or fault of Republican enemies or a ruthless, unappeasable press corps. It’s her doing.
Ah yes, her use of the word convenience is like Al Gore's repeated "no controlling legal authority" in Templegate.

Expect the defending to begin shortly, but the best weapon Hillary has in her attempt to survive another career-ending scandal is time. We are nearly 20 months away from Election Day 2016. Democrats have no one on the bench or in the bullpen. She is the nominee. The people on the left upset with her today will be among her chief defenders at crunch time.


  1. The lefty media wants to get all of this out of the way now so by the 2016 campaign it will be "stale, old news". They will say, ala Hillary, "what difference does it make now?".

  2. What surprises me is the deafening silence of the official Republican Party on this scandal. And if Maureen Dowd is to be believed, they knew it. Either they were holding it back for October 2016, or they also did it.