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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Scoreboard from 3-10-2015

1. Hillary Clinton held a press conference to say she didn't mean to be be caught being devious, deceptive and disingenuous, but that is just the way she rolls. Deal with it. Glass ceiling! Glass ceiling! Glass ceiling! EVIL.

2. America has 160 million women. This is the one we are picking to be the first woman president? EVIL.

3. Come to think of it America has 50 million black people and look who we picked to be the first black president. Someone in 2008 should have been smart enough to say, oh hell no, we'll wait for Condoleezza Rice. EVIL.

4. The ATF is banning its ban on ammo. Someone needs to ban the ATF. GOOD.

5. Two senators are launching a chemical reform effort to make it easier for the EPA to regulate chemicals. In five months since the election, we have gone from fighting the EPA to expanding it. EVIL.

6. More evidence emerges of the NOAA tampering with data to make it appear as if temperatures are spiraling out of control. It is not lying. It is adopting the Clintonian standards of truth. EVIL.

7. Republicans in Michigan may rescind corporate welfare for the rich approved by Democrats. The rich stopped being Republicans in 1932 when FDR was elected. Look at Hollywood. GOOD.

8. "CBO: Obamacare Premiums Will Increase Faster Than Private Plans." Be careful what you wish for. GOOD.

9. "Wikipedia filed a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging the constitutionality of the National Security Agency´s mass surveillance of Internet communications, a sudden and striking challenge that comes nearly two years after Edward Snowden´s disclosures first began." Hey, remember 6 years ago how happy people were to have a tech-savvy president? EVIL.

10. Target to lay off 1/8th of its workforce. Remember when liberals pointed out Target was "able" to pay its workers so much more than Wal-Mart pays its workers? Looks like it ain't able anymore. EVIL.

From the blog:

11. "Actually Walker leads the poll." GOOD.

12. "NAACP official: Our kids have dreams too." GOOD.

13. "Hillary's brother got the gold mine, Haiti got the shaft." EVIL.

Today's American Vignette: John Gunby: "I would sooner sink into a patriot's grave than wear the crown of England."

Final score: EVIL 8, GOOD 5.

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  1. Dems! Can't live with them, and they won't go away and let us live without them. Manger dogs!