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Friday, March 20, 2015

Scoreboard for 3-20-2015

1. "Speaker John A. Boehner will lead a House delegation to Israel later this month to meet with newly re-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu." Our first anti-Semitic president will pop a vein this time. GOOD.

2. "Fraternal Order Of Police President: Anti-Police Protests Discouraging Applicants." That's the plan. End local police. Replace with federales under the control of Washington. EVIL.

3. "Shiite rebel-owned TV channel: 137 dead and 345 wounded in suicide attacks on Yemen mosques." It's the Islamic Civil War over who controls Mecca and Medina. EVIL.

4. Americans are surprised to learn there are no Starbucks in Selma or Ferguson. Well, when the average income is less than half the national average, you don't get nice things. But keep marching and looting. GOOD

5. Japanese fashion show features amputees and people in wheelchairs. Now to find a model who actually smiles. GOOD.

6. The head of the ATF resigned. Will head a sports league. Hey, remember when the Washington Bullets changed their name and the crime rate of the nation's capital plummeted? Me neither. GOOD.

7. Gender studies professors make $8,000 a year more on average than their counterparts in other fields. Well, they do work more. Fiction is harder than fact. GOOD.

8. Anti-gentrification stickers hit Austin stores. Yes, we must preserve the ghettos of America. The Fergusonization of America continues. EVIL.

9. "‘Like an idiot I believed that’: Judge blasts DOJ over immigration claims, threatens sanctions." Hey, Eric Holder: You're going to jail, you're going to jail, you're going to jail. GOOD.

10. Runner-up Tweet of the Day (winner will be posted at 7 PM):


11. Obama wants to stop fracking. States should tell him to shove it up his fracker. EVIL.

12. White House set to cut a deal with Iran. Still no deal with Republicans on Hyde Amendment, Keystone, etc. Guess it is easier to cut a deal with friends. EVIL.

13. Sometimes people on Twitter need to just Sierra Tango Foxtrot Union.

14. WVU wins. President Obama has the sads.


From the blog:

15. "WaPo expose doesn't begin until Paragraph 30." Newspaper buries its lede -- way down. EVIL.

16. "Religion of peace?" If you have to ask, you know the answer. EVIL.

17. "People gained weight after L.A.'s ban on fast food." Bwahaha. GOOD.

Also: "Weasel of the week."

Today's American Vignette: "Francis and Elizabeth Lewis. They sacrificed their lives and fortune for your liberty."

Final score: GOOD 9, EVIL 8.


  1. 4--I wouldn't class a Starbucks as a "nice" thing. Expensive, yes.

    7--That's a funny!

    9--We can hope so, but let's not celebrate it until it happens,

    10--Grisly. Truth is not beauty in all cases.

    15--ALWAYS bury the lede when it's against your side.

  2. I would boycott Starbucks over "Race Together" but I started that when I found out their coffee tastes like burned wood.

    1. I always thought it tasted like charcoal myself.

  3. 3. Build a wall around them and let them kill each other.

    4. Starbucks doesn't take EBT cards? They also don't want their stores burned. Who knew?