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Friday, March 06, 2015

Scoreboard 3-6-2015

1. Federal prosecutors leak to CNN that they will indict Democratic Senator Bob Menendez for not backing President Obama on Cuba and Iran, er, corruption. Ever get the feeling there is a lot of blackmail in government? EVIL.

2. Judge tells Army prosecutors that they must refer to Chelsea Manning, who enlisted as Bradley Manning, as a woman. Why not just call the soldier a traitor and be done with it? GOOD.

3. Between Major Nidal Milak Hasan and PFC Manning, diversity in the Army is taking a powder. EVIL.

4. House Democrats vow to protect John Boehner from an ouster as Speaker of the House. Yep, that is all you need to know about him. Truly, America needs a Second Party. EVIL.

5. "Second Grader Buckles Under Pressure From White House." Now what was this about an anti-bullying campaign, liberals? EVIL.

6. "Harvard Law Graduate Buckles Under Pressure From Kremlin, Cuba, Iran..." EVIL.

7. New York radio station plays Christmas music all year long. I'll up that at WPOCA and play "It's A Small World" 24/7. Then I'll blackmail merchants into paying me not to run their commercials. GOOD.

8. "A record-breaking cold morning in Washington and across the Northeast." Global warming sure feels like global cooling did. Guess Obama brought everything back from the 1970s except platform shoes. GOOD.

9. Obamanomics: 92,898,000 people not working. And we didn't have to battle the cold and snow this week. EVIL.

10. Hillary's brother got a gold mining permit in Haiti, after the Clintons raised money for Haitian relief which mysteriously disappeared. As Jerry Reed used to sing, he got the gold mine -- you got the shaft. EVIL.

From the blog:

11. ATF to become convenience store? GOOD.

12. The reminder that she is The Congenital Liar. EVIL.

13. Liberals surrender their Hands Up lie. EVIL.

14. Today's American Vignette: Philip Henry Sheridan. Civil War hero. Indian fighter. Guardian of Yellowstone.

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  1. It is pretty clear the DoJ does not have much to go on as they expect an indictment "in a couple of weeks". The story indicates the DoJ is fishing and have already lost one of their fishing expeditions in the Court of Appeals. This is clearly blackmail and revenge for opposing Obama.

    Petraeus was taken out to prevent him from bothering Obama. This is the same.