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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Scoreboard 3-26-2015


2. "House GOP leaders eked out a much-needed victory Wednesday, with Republicans endorsing a budget that added even more defense dollars to the blueprint reported out committee." After 8 years of allowing al-Qaida to rebuild, the Islamic State to rise, Iran to nuke up, North Korea to nuke up, and our border to collapse, we are going to need a bigger military. GOOD.

3. Co-pilot deliberately crashed the Germanwings jet. EVIL.

4. The chairman of the House panel that oversees most discretionary federal health spending wants ensure that the government is negotiating the good deals for medicines held in the national stockpile of treatments for potential terrorist attacks and severe flu pandemic.

“Private industry needs to give the federal government, I think, a break” on sales to the Strategic National Stockpile, Rep. Tom Cole R-Okla, the chairman of the House Labor-Health and Human Services-Education Appropriations Subcommittee, said at a Wednesday hearing.

Anti-capitalism, it's not just for Democrats any more. EVIL.

5. "VA Hospital Director Paid $288K In ‘Relocation Payments’ To Move 140 Miles." The VA exists only to prove government-run health care is a nightmare. EVIL.

6. Hillary Clinton unleashes her flying monkeys to pressure the press into not using words that are sexist code words. I am not smart enough to remember secret codes. I will simply call her a lying bitch, an incompetent bitch, a dumbass bitch, a crooked bitch, an unpatriotic bitch, two-faced bitch, and a back-stabbing bitch who has been emotionally abused and humiliated by her sexist husband for 40 years. EVIL.

7. "House passes Boehner-Pelosi Medicare deal in resounding vote." Fixed just in time for my 65th birthday in 2018. GOOD.

8. "Watchdog: DEA agents held 'sex parties' with prostitutes paid for by drug cartels." End federal drug policing." Let the local police do this without federal grants. 10-to-1 the drug problem will be cut in half if police actually have to do the job without federal "help." EVIL.

9. "Liberal groups are threatening to back a primary challenge to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.)." When the Tea Party does this, the press calls them crazy. GOOD.

10. Had the top down. Not a Top Down Day though. GOOD.

From the blog:

11. "Liberals go Truther on Bergdahl." GOOD.

12. "NYT thinks you get an honorable discharge for desertion." GOOD.

13. "The post Brian Beutler wants you to forget." GOOD.

Today's American Vignette: "Prince Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole. He saved the Hawai’ians."

Final score: GOOD 8, EVIL 5.


  1. 9--I guess Wyden isn't liberal enough, at least on this one issue, for theses crazed Lefties.

  2. 3. If terrorists or Barack credibly threaten your mother or wife or children, would you crash a plane into a mountainside?
    6. Lying bitch wasn't on the list?
    8. Working for the government has never been so good. Sofia Vergara is Columbian. FYI.

    Is America Savable? Let's see what Ron Wyden's Dem challenger thinks.

    1. You mean I blew a chance to run Sofia Vergara's picture. D'ooooooooooooooooooooooooh

  3. #6) At least you didn't call her a Cruel Unpatriotic Neurotic Tramp.

  4. #1. The Left excuses the trade by arguing that America never leaves a serviceman behind. Short memories. When the hostilities of the Korean War ended with an armistice, we left 21 deserters behind in North Korea end China. Two other defectors changed their minds at the last moment and were re-patriated, courts-martialed, and eventually sentenced to prison terms of 3-4 years. Traitors are left behind, so stop saying Obama was obligated to do everything he could to "free" Bergdahl from "captivity." Bergdahl was no POW in any sense of the term. The evidence is very strong that he deserted his unit; he was a traitor; traitors do get left behind.