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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Scoreboard 3-25-2015

1. The U.S. Army charge Bowe Bergdahl with desertion. President Obama -- through his national security adviser Susan Rice -- said  “served the United States with honor and distinction.” Hard to tell who is worse, the traitor or the guy who is in the Army. EVIL.

2. The time has become to quit pretending liberals love America. They do not even like America. Their dissent  in the Bush administration was unpatriotic. They say God Damn America and they believe 9/11 was payback for Nagasaki.. I no longer have a lousy newspaper's reputation to protect by holding back my fire on this blog. EVIL.


His Web site is Pocket Full Of Liberty. Truth to power.


4. George Zimmerman, the Hispanic victim of Obama's racial witch hunt, released a statement. Two zingers:
“For him to make incendiary comments, as he did, and direct the Department of Justice to pursue a baseless prosecution he, by far, overstretched, overreached, even broke the law in certain aspects, to where you have an innocent American being prosecuted by the federal government, which should never happen.”
“He held a ceremony at the White House, inviting the Martin-Fulton Family, and stating that they should take the day to reflect upon the fact that all children’s lives matter. Unfortunately for the President, I am also my parents’ child and my life matters as well.”
The presumption of innocence is our greatest civil right -- which is why Eric Holder and Barack Obama hate it. The time has come to stand up to the racism from this White House.


5. Google officials average one White House visit a week. If you have to remind yourself not to do evil, you're evil. EVIL.

6. Harvey Weinstein Urges Jews to Take on Anti-Semites: "Kick These Guys in the Ass." Here's an idea, stop backing anti-Israeli films. GOOD.

7. You know who did the first anti-Hitler film in Hollywood? The Three Stooges. They were Jewish. Unlike the Jewish heads of the studios at the time, they didn't care if the Germans played their film shorts or not. GOOD.

8. "Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus in undercover video." Is it the gang-rape of women or the shoving homosexuals to their deaths that Joseph Scaffido likes best about the Islamic State? EVIL.

9. Hey, it turns out getting a gold mine permit in Haiti was not Tony Rodham's only cashing in on Hillary Clinton's position as secretary of State, Don't blame him; he's only the bag man. EVIL.

10. "A bill banning federal employees from viewing or downloading porn on government devices advanced out of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Wednesday." You need a law to stop them? We have the most disgusting government bureaucracy on Earth. GOOD.

11. "Eight Arrested in Anti-Abortion 'Pray-In' Outside Boehner's Office." Sigh. When it comes to abortion, he's Nancy Pelosi with a better tan. EVIL.

12. Top Down Day. If you don't own a convertible, get a motorcycle. If you don't have a motorcycle, get a bicycle. If you don't have a bicycle, walk. If you can't walk, get someone to push you in your wheelchair. GOOD.

From the blog:

13. "L.A.'s fast food ban fails. Liberals make excuses." GOOD.

14. "Monster kills father of three for $20." EVIL.

15. "Massachusetts wants $4 million per inch of snow it received this winter." EVIL.

Today's American Vignette: "Norman Borlaug. He saved a billion lives."

Final score: EVIL 8, GOOD 7.


  1. 2. Why would you ever have thought that. We're the same age. We were raised in the '60s. It was clear then that the Leftist radicals hated the United States.

    6. Here's another idea. Stop supporting an anti-Semitic political party. Obama is not appeasing Iran. He's on their side.

    7. The wisdom of satire.

    8. It's the anti-Americanism at any cost. He undoubtedly is one of those who thinks the wrong side won the Cold War.

    11. He's Nancy Pelosi's chew toy.

  2. 1--Oooooooh, DON!

    2--Glad to hear you're FREEE!

    3--The Left is dirt. Mostly. A lot of them.

    7--And don't forget Walt Disney's Donald Duck in "Der Fuhrer' Face"!
    Bonus for you folks today:
    Spike Jones Version:
    The Song Itself:
    (I told you not to get me started.)

  3. 6. How Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein, Whatshername Slutz, and the rest of the Jews in the Dimocrat Party can be members of a party that is growing more and more anti-Semite daily is beyond me.