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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Scoreboard 3-24-2015

1. Israel spied on the United States, U.S. spies say. GOOD.

2. Boehner shocked by the revelation. ("As always, should you or any of your I.M. Force be caught or killed, the Speaker will disavow any knowledge of your actions.") GOOD.

3. Homicides are up 20%, the rest of crime as well, in New York City this year. Mayor DeBlasio promises a crack down -- on children drinking too much juice in day care. EVIL.

4. Actually, Cosmo was for protecting the unborn before it was against it.


5. Republican Sen. Dan Coats will not run for re-election in Indiana next year, opening up his Senate seat to a wide group of hopefuls. Breaking news from 1998. GOOD.

6. Prediction for January 20, 2017: Republican president, Democratic Senate, Republican House. No Harry Reid. GOOD.

7. "Budget maneuvers congressional Republicans are undertaking suggest the statutory discretionary spending caps, which some lawmakers consider a major party accomplishment, may not survive a GOP-controlled Congress." Mitch and Boehner got some 'splainin' to do. EVIL.

8. "House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry is expected to unveil a bill this week which he says will overhaul the Pentagon’s archaic buying processes." Payday for defense lobbyists to stop this move. Sometimes I think make proposals that have no chance in Hades just to help their lobbyist friends scare up money. But he gets the benefit of the doubt. GOOD.

9. "Democratic Senators Beg For Another Obamacare Delay." But a delay will kill millions and millions of people! EVIL.

10. "The Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to Wisconsin’s 2011 voter ID law Monday, allowing a federal appeals court ruling in favor of the law to stand." Instead of going to the courts, Democrats should take their case to the people at the polls. Oh, Under this law, the dead no longer can vote. GOOD.

11. "Washington Post Wonders If Ted Cruz Is Eligible To Be President." It's the Goldwater-McCain-Obama Test: Did the candidate have to be naturalized to be a citizen? If the answer is no, he's eligible, you damned birfers. GOOD.

12. Arizona was a territory when AuH2O was born. Some Democrats questioned his eligibility. Birfers predate the 21st century. Notice the overlap with 9/11 Troofers. EVIL.

13. From Twitter:


14. Not a Top Down Day. Did not drive top down. Where is spring? It may never get warm again. EVIL.

From the blog:

15. "The worst first lady." EVIL.

16. "Replace public pensions with 403b (401k)." GOOD.

17. "Journalism is anti-white, anti-male." EVIL.

Today's American Vignette: "Matilda Carse, 19th century mother against drunk driving."

Final score: GOOD 9, EVIL 8.