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Monday, March 23, 2015

Scoreboard 3-23-2015

1. Ted Cruz announces his presidential bid.
Even we Scott Walker fans are impressed. GOOD.

2. Ted Cruz: “God’s blessing has been on America from the very beginning of this nation and I believe that God isn’t done with Americans. I believe in you. I believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up to reignite the promise of America. And that is that is why, today, I am announcing that I am running for president of the United States of America."

Separation of church and state does not mean a separation of God and country. Atheism is a religion and it should not be the official religion of the United States of America. GOOD.

3. "In an apparent effort to toughen up his image, Republican Sen. Rand Paul chose the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown to serve as a backdrop during his April presidential campaign announcement tour." Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren plans to announce from her tepee. GOOD.

4. "A drunken mob stormed into a London synagogue where worshippers were marking the end of the Sabbath early Sunday, shouting 'Kill the Jews,' attacking people, vandalizing the building and stoking fears of rising anti-Semitism." Guns. Get guns. Doesn't matter that England banned them. It also banned such savagery. EVIL.

5. "Durst Back in Court for Bond Hearing on Weapons Charges." Still not a member of Limp Bizkit. GOOD.

6. "In a lawsuit filed Monday, three state employees in Illinois challenged a law which forces them to pay union dues even when they aren’t in a union." Let's see, civil service protection, pensions to die for and lifetime job security. What exactly do the unions offer -- besides fealty to the Democratic Party? GOOD.

7. "FEMA To Deny Funding To States Without Global Warming Plans." Time to deny FEMA its funding now that it is a political arm, of the Democratic Party. EVIL.

8. Today is the fifth anniversary of America's second biggest folly: Obamacare. It's biggest folly is electing Barack Obama president. EVIL.

9. "A Senate recruitment victory for Democrats in Florida could, in turn, jeopardize the party’s quest for the House majority." Actually, the dim hopes for a Democratic House majority is one of the selling points to enter this race to be beaten by Marco Rubio. GOOD.

10. "National Security Adviser Susan Rice fell for a social media hoax on Monday when she posted that renowned Nigerian author Chinua Achebe had died — two years after his actual death." Better late than never. GOOD.

11. Is it racist to call her a fraud whose ignorance, communist tendencies, and anti-Semitic attitude toward Israel pose a danger to everyone in the world? EVIL.

12. Not a Top Down Day. Still had the top down. That's the way I roll. GOOD.

From the blog:

13. "Why Obama opposes fracking." EVIL.

14. "Under Obama, we're the cheese-eating surrender monkeys." EVIL.

15. "State employees game the system." EVIL.

Today's American Vignette: "Bette Claire Graham. She truly profited from her mistakes."

Final score: GOOD 8, EVIL 7.

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